Pictures from past dive trips
  1. Blackbeard's Boat after dive
  2. Blackbeard's Shark feed. Photo courtesy of my buddy Devil Diver 
I think I got a little too close there.
  3. Blackbeard's Nassau Shopping
  4. Blackbeard's Group Last day!
  5. Blackbeard's Freeport Headed out for night on the town.
  6. Blackbeard's hangin out
  7. Blackbeard's Bimini Harbor
  8. Blackbeard's Freeport Harbor last day
  9. Blackbeard's Scubatoys Sticker last trip before the boat sank.
  10. Blackbeard's Cannonball Grotto
  11. Blackbeard's Pig Island Pig Feed
  12. Blackbeard's Pig Island Pig Feed
  13. Blackbeard's Pig Island Pig Feed
  14. Blackbeard's Story Time
  15. Blackbeard's Back of the boat
  16. Blackbeard's Group Bimini Big Game Club
  17. Blackbeard's Group Freeport Pool Cave Bar
  18. Blackbeard's Bimini dawn
  19. Blackbeard's Bimini Big Game Club
  20. Blackbeard's Freeport Pool Cave Bar
  21. Blackbeard's me hiding in the shade
  22. Blackbeard's me shooting video
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