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  1. Zeagle-Brainwashed... pls help a newbie :P
  2. First Dive in BP/W
  3. Zeagle BC
  4. bp/wing package any opinions?
  5. bp/wing questions
  6. Just ordered
  7. Pterodactyl BP/Harness
  8. Purchasing first BC - would appreciate help
  9. Recommendations for a travel BC?
  10. Oxycheq Mach V Extreme Wing. WOW!!!
  11. Zeagle Concept II
  12. Extra Hose?
  13. Newbie Question - Buying used bcd's
  14. Zeagle Escape
  15. Whats the difference in these wings
  16. OxyCheq Mach V
  17. Hammerhead BP
  18. AirTrim and Dive Alert
  19. Zeagle Tech with other brand bladders
  20. Transpac type Harnesses that accept a Backplate
  21. US-Tech plastic backpack/plate usuable?
  22. Any reviews on a Mares vector epic
  23. Need Help with these 2 BCD's
  24. Poseidon Question
  25. pink and red oxycheck mach V wings...
  26. Zeagle Scout BC
  27. Apollo Bio-Control AirCross BCD
  28. New Diver. Please Help!
  29. Post you BC brand/model
  30. Aeries Caribe Sizing??
  31. Hollis BC
  32. Zeagle Ranger Twin Tanks
  33. Hollis Advanced Travel System?
  34. Omega aquatics zone 2 (II)
  35. Explain what a back plate is
  36. Any one who own Zeagle Lazer BCD?
  37. About to buy my first BCD
  38. Zeagles' Weight Pouches
  39. Need help with cold water BC decision.
  40. bp/w choices need help
  41. The Aqualung Pro QD I3
  42. My old Bc has kicked the bucket!!
  43. Zeagle Lumbar Pad
  44. Bella BC by Scubapro
  45. BC for 14 yr girl
  46. First dives in my new Brigade
  47. Help Me Spend My Money!
  48. My new Dive Rite Transpack!!
  49. Worried about Dacor BC I just bought
  50. Did I buy the correct size for my Zeagle Stiletto BC
  51. Putting a Zeagle Octo-Z on an Oxycheq Mach V...
  52. need advise on BC for Jr OW diver
  53. question for owners of Seaquest BCD's
  54. Questions on Zeagle Brigade.
  55. Apollo BCD
  56. Mares Vs. Zeagle
  57. Any info on H2O BC
  58. lowest weight BCD
  59. Any photographers using Zeagle Stiletto or other Zeagle BCDs?
  60. Cathy Church recommendation on BCs??
  61. Zeagle Rip Cord
  62. What is Happening to my MACH V EXTREME???
  63. Mach V cam slots or no cam slots????
  64. Al backplate weight
  65. I have heard rumors of an XS Zeagle Scout
  66. Nice BC for beginner
  67. Deep Sea Supply weight plates
  68. Any Hollis HTS owners here ?
  69. Hollis v. Diterite harness
  70. Zeagle Scout??
  71. Trim Weighting Question
  72. Can a Zeagle Stiletto wing be attached to a BP?
  73. Brigade dump valve question
  74. BC Features
  75. Adding a shoulder dump on the Brigade
  76. BP/W package
  77. Laugh if you want ;)
  78. STA that drops the tank down?
  79. Hollis Advanced Travel System
  80. BP/W negative points
  81. Oxycheq Sausage Weight Pouch?
  82. Wing system or a conventional BC
  83. Cheapest BP/W setup out there?
  84. Aeris Caribe BCD
  85. Newbie looking for a first BC
  86. BC recomendation for kids
  87. Velcro integrated weight pockest.
  88. What do you put in your Zena BC mesh bag?
  89. Questions about going with a backplate
  90. Weight
  91. Mach V and DR Al Plate
  92. BP/W and extra weight
  93. oxycheq mini STAs questions
  94. Size chart help
  95. 18 lb lift wing for Cozumel?
  96. Backplate fit and waste strap
  97. SeaQuest Black Diamond
  98. Zeagle Escape BCD (EZ-Lock weight system)
  99. Brigade and pony tank
  100. BP/W vs BC
  101. Aplollo Bio Control Air Cross BCD
  102. New Dragon AT; first impressions!
  103. Venture Wing
  104. First dive with BP/W
  105. Aqualung Pearl BC
  106. Genesis Sirene for women
  107. Why do some people hate.......
  108. Zeagle Brigade -roll down pocket
  109. Zeagle Demo's in VT
  110. ScubaPro classic taking on water
  111. how do you know?
  112. tropical bcd
  113. Mach V extreme wing question
  114. Oxycheq Ultralight Backplate
  115. Edge series bcd
  116. Power inflater servicing?
  117. rinsing/storing BCD with integrated weights
  118. Dive Rite Hog harness buckle
  119. Oceanic Excursion opinions wanted
  120. We love our new Zeagle Escapes :)
  121. Mach V leaking air
  122. are women's bc's really any different?
  123. buying add on D-rings/webbing
  124. Oceanic Islander
  125. Poseidon BeSea W50 wing
  126. Horse Collar anyone?
  127. LLL Orion BCD
  128. Sticking Power Inflator
  129. Sherwood Axis
  130. Weights for BC?
  131. Zeagle Brigade - How much weight can it hold
  132. Looking for Advice for my Zeagle Ranger
  133. Zeagle Escape or Brigade Versus Seaquest Balance
  134. Need to remove something
  135. How do you secure your inflator hose to stay streamlined
  136. Cheapest back-inflate?
  137. Weight Integrated Question....
  138. What's the Best HYBRID style BC?
  139. nuts and bolts
  140. Brigade and Atomis SS1
  141. Can anyone ID this wing?
  142. Brigade sizing
  143. bcd lightweight
  144. Damn you BP/W people
  145. Zeagle Brigade
  146. best BCD for a child
  147. Sherwood Avid
  148. Too many choices....
  149. Yet another BP/W question
  150. Will the Oxycheq Mach V Signature wing work with their Mini STA?
  151. Hollis Advanced Travel System?
  152. Wing Question
  153. Transpac & venture 360 wing vs standard bcd
  154. travel bc
  155. Zeagle Zena vs. Oceanic Hera
  156. TransPac II and Newer Transpac #3000
  157. Zeagle Rear Trim Pockets- Velcro?
  158. Dive Rite BP with OxyCheq Wings
  159. Zeagle SS BackPlate and Wing
  160. Let me say this now.......Zeagle Scout BC...I
  161. weight belt vs BC intergrated weight
  162. Need something that doesn't slide
  163. Question for anyone who owns Zeagle Zena BC
  164. Any brand with similar weight system as Zeagle
  165. bcd storage on tank
  166. Edge HOG
  167. Need assistance with the Apeks WTX
  168. Need help deciding Ranger or Brigade
  169. BCD, another tough decision
  170. Hershey Bar? Not just a candy bar.
  171. Lift: How much is needed?
  172. Need some help finding size for bc
  173. Balance BC- what octo/alt air do you use?
  174. Weights with a backplate
  175. Donning your bp/w in the water
  176. Aeris Caribe BCD? (Caribbean Package)
  177. Lowest profile 360 doubles wing....???
  178. Escape sizing
  179. Oceanic Outrigger
  180. Custom color Brigade?
  181. Zeagle ripcord system
  182. Joined the Brigade Club
  183. New addition to my family
  184. Zeagle Lazer
  185. Help Fixing
  186. BP/W or BCD (Zeagle Lazer)-Women's feedback needed
  187. Pearl I3 vs Drysuit
  188. Mares Dragon v. Zeagle Brigade: A Comparison
  189. New Brigade concern
  190. zeagal zena
  191. Brigade vs Avid question for new diver
  192. Please Help me Figure out my weight
  193. BC storage question
  194. Our custom Brigades arrived last night!
  195. Yikes....nervous about my new Brigade!
  196. Brigadiers Unite and Check In!!
  197. Air Integrated Power Inflator Tips
  198. Hollis HD 100 VS. Zeagle Brigade
  199. Apeks WTX3 Wing - (nonexistent) Dump Valve
  200. Omega Zone II
  201. XS scuba pony pack?
  202. Trim weight
  203. BP/W Questions
  204. Weights for Escape
  205. Too little to dump
  206. Dacor Talon Warranty?
  207. Diverite Tech tour in CSSP? are they friendly?
  208. Hollis HD100
  209. Safety Sausage for Brigade
  210. Brigade Mods
  211. MY inflator floats away... help
  212. Best Brigade Accessories
  213. Bridgade - Get the rear weights or not?
  214. Leak w/ SS1 on Brigade
  215. treck wing and oxicheq ultra lite travel backplate
  216. 4 Years, 500 Dives, 1 BC
  217. Think I need a new BC DANG IT!
  218. Dive boat tank supports - too small to fit my SS camband buckles
  219. BC vs. BP/W
  220. My new Toy
  221. Mares Icon vs Zeagle Brigade
  222. opinions please
  223. "My new toy" you took my title!
  224. Custom colors on a brigade.
  225. Travel Wing?
  226. Which STA for Mach V Signature?
  227. Difference in two wings
  228. Switching Wings
  229. Question
  230. Brigade shoulder dump
  231. Long lapse in diving, need new BCD
  232. best bc for mounting pony bottle
  233. BCD Repair Parts source?
  234. Need fit opinions from gals diving the Zeagle Lazer
  235. Inflator hose quick connect question
  236. Stiletto v Brigade
  237. RipTide Nautilus BCD
  238. Help With BCD Selection
  239. Another Noob Weighting Questions
  240. help picking out a bc
  241. New Zeagle Ranger LTD
  242. Hollis Tec System
  243. Integrated weights versus weight belt
  244. Integrated weights falling out.
  245. Bare BC
  246. problems with brigade
  247. In the market for a new BC -- for the wife
  248. Brigade or Ranger LTD?
  249. Looking for first BC
  250. zeagle escape for christmas- what size