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  1. Holding breath
  2. Personal Bests
  3. Freediving Deaths
  4. Florida Spearing Laws
  5. Maximum Depths and Time Under
  6. Beginning Freediving
  7. In need of freediving fins
  8. Freedive Equipment
  9. Snorkeling Techniques & Tips for beginners
  10. SWB Shallow Water Blackout
  11. Diver shoots buddy to save his life!
  12. differences
  13. iPod Touch & iPhone training program
  14. freediving course in red sea DAHAB, EGYPT blue hole
  15. Breath hold diving computer
  16. Breath hold trainer
  17. Freediving through an agency
  18. Depth limitation
  19. freediving competition in Thailand koh lanta
  20. Mares Avanti Quattro Power...
  21. freediving courses
  22. Freediving and Shallow Water Blackout
  23. Beluga whale carries struggling diver to surface
  24. Wet Suit Thickness
  25. Mares Razor Carbon Fin
  26. Pretty Cool. Free diving with a scooter.
  27. The correct entry
  28. What is the ideal bouyancy situation for free diving?
  29. How come some freedivers don't seem to need to adjust ear pressure?
  30. Apnea Book Recommendation?
  31. Performance Freediving
  32. How much air to breathe in before a free-dive?
  33. This is bananas...
  34. I don't seem to need to equalize on the way up...
  35. I can hold breath for 70 seconds on land, but only 30 seconds at sea
  36. Preventing Shallow Water Blackout
  37. Why dive buddies don't dive down together?
  38. Extending scuba bottom time with freediving
  39. Tried freediving and I like it
  40. How to dive down without weights?
  41. New free diving sport
  42. Advice
  43. Amazon Kindle Freedive Book
  44. Outside Magazine Freediving Article
  45. Clearing Ears
  46. Wetsuit recommendation