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  1. Thank you!
  2. calossal squid, etc.
  3. Northeast Sealife
  4. Why I suggested this fish tank.
  5. The Porcelain Crabs - Family Porcellanidae
  6. The Octopi - Family Octopodidae
  7. The Scorpionfish - Family Scorpaenidae.
  8. Cone Shells - Family Conidae.
  9. Trying to Identify...
  10. The Blennies - Family Blennidae.
  11. Hawkfish - Family Cirritidae
  12. How does one become a marine Biologist?
  13. Defensive strategies!
  14. Moray Eels - Family Muraenidae
  15. Golden Stingrays
  16. Frogfish - Family Antennariidae
  17. How Lucky!!!
  18. Coral Spawning
  19. Callinectes sapidus - Blue Crab
  20. Marine Parasites
  21. Six Gill Sharks - Puget Sound
  22. The coolest dolphin ever!
  23. Dragonets - Family Callionymidae
  24. Petition against bringing Whalesharks into Singapore resort aquarium
  25. World's deepest fish
  26. Identify the fish
  27. Bamboo Shark Images Needed-SE Florida
  28. Tell the Bahamas to Stop Killing Sea Turtles
  29. Help ID Red Fish
  30. Good site for ID'ing fish
  31. More goodies live on our planet and we now know it!!!
  32. playing with sea life??
  33. Hermit crab
  34. Help with Fish(?) Name
  35. Alien Like Elbowed Squid Filmed
  36. 10,000 to zero! Leatherback turtles near extinction in Malaysia
  37. Ocean Friendly Sushi Guide
  38. yippee
  39. ID this fish?
  40. Don't mess with the Octopus
  41. China's Largest Shopping Site Bans Sale of Shark Fin Products
  42. Norway Announces Sharply Lower Whaling Quota For 2009
  43. Dolphin Slaughter - Stabbed and butchered 2008
  44. Help - Stop the demand for shark fin soup. Stop the slaughter of sharks.
  45. Recommended 1st algae text?
  46. Please Help Pass Shark Conservation Act (HR 81)
  47. Stop Canada's Seal Hunt!!
  48. Lionfish Arrive in the Florida Keys!
  49. Northern Territory marine life
  50. Short news video on spinner shark in FL
  51. Pregnancy and Man o War Stings
  52. See A Fish With A Transparent Head
  53. Psychedelic fish
  54. Fish ID guides
  55. Amazing Dolphins
  56. Smallest Whale Shark ever found
  57. Red Pacu
  58. Awsome! its back and bigger than ever!
  59. look out! He bites!
  60. Here's an interesting web site.....
  61. Turtle Graveyard to Maternity Ward
  62. Another local fish
  63. I missed a great photo op, but have a question?
  64. Help me identify this creature.
  65. Weird Wetsuit issue involving jellyfish?!
  66. BHB Video (Very Cool)
  67. Bull sharks
  68. checked out by sunfish
  69. Humbolt Squid Uprising ~
  70. Beached Pilot Whale
  71. Dying shark washes up on Gilgo beach
  72. Is This a Corkscrew Anemone?
  73. Giants Descend on Japan
  74. frog fiingtsh hunting!
  75. Caribbean coral bleaching threat
  76. Help identify this fish
  77. shark statistics
  78. Lettuce Sea Slug
  79. Whale Shark encounter
  80. Squid of Ca
  81. Coolest Animal Encounter?
  82. Could use some help identifying several fishes
  83. So you think you want to come dive with us in NC?
  84. Two Great White Sharks Tagged Off Massachusetts
  85. What the hell was that?
  86. Giant Squid Caught Off Coast of Louisiana
  87. Marine life books for 4-6 year olds?
  88. Lake Divers - News in the Fight Against Al-Quaqqa!
  89. Fishing line on the Coral Reefs
  90. New learned octopus behavior, interesting
  91. farting turtles......
  92. The Cove
  93. Pissing Off the Octopi
  94. Need help identifying this....
  95. Whale Wars 2010
  96. Help me Identify this please
  97. Has anyone ever seen a whale shark while diving?
  98. What's this rubbery thing?
  99. I forgot to add this critter experience to my Bonaire
  100. Jaques Cousteau
  101. Garbage Island
  102. great white shark
  103. interesting web cam
  104. Fish ID help...
  105. So, what is this?
  106. California restaurant and whale meat
  107. Oceanic Whitetip and Hammerhead Protection Fails
  108. Weird sea creature
  109. Swimming with the Manatee..anyone ever done this?
  110. Now, this is a crab!
  111. Whole lotta pooping going on.....
  112. Watching the news about plastics in the ocean
  113. Giant deep sea jellyfish filmed in Gulf of Mexico
  114. I Love You Octupus
  115. Lake Havasu Pirahna
  116. One of World's Most Pristine Coral Reefs Revealed
  117. Speechless
  118. What is this?
  119. Weird!!!!
  120. Squid Video!
  121. Oil Spill?
  122. Oh, how do I love SHARKS.
  123. What is it??
  124. Ancient species discovered in Barrier Reef depths
  125. Sharkfest Aug 6-8
  126. Protocol when meeting a gam, grind, school, herd, pod, collage, or shiver of sharks
  127. Lulu's Shark Poll
  128. help me identify this marine animal I photographed in Phuket
  129. good stuff
  130. Project Aware
  131. Diving in the Ocean Voyager Exhibit
  132. The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary
  133. What is this critter?
  134. A new species found Kleptomanta!
  135. Coral Spawning!
  136. This Just in from the Critterati!
  137. Conservation Conversation
  138. Mimic Octopus Video
  139. Rare Cold Water Coral Discovered in Northern Africa
  140. help identifing crab
  141. Need some help identifing a ParrotFish
  142. Yo! DevilDiver. What is this?
  143. Swordfish rescued by ROV
  144. Lionfish sample limport
  145. Dan Rather Reports Lionfish Episode this week
  146. Octo Brain Vid
  147. I've always been opposed to shark baiting dives.
  148. Can anyone id this fish?
  149. Help indentifying these fish
  150. Whale Sharks in the news
  151. Dolphin found inland from tsunami
  152. An interesting daily read
  153. Help identifying this ?nudibranch?
  154. sea lion kiss
  155. Is this a Stone Fish?
  156. Diving for food!
  157. Texas Illegal Fishing Net Kills over 3000 sharks
  158. what is this?
  159. Whale Dies 1 Month After Being Shot
  160. help!
  161. 10 Amazing facts about Cuttlefish
  162. Help identify, eggs?
  163. Hybrid sharks have been discovered
  164. This won't end well..............
  165. Shark Nets
  166. What have you learned about sharks?
  167. Hermit crab changing shell
  168. New shark species discovered.
  169. Another new shark discovered.
  170. Shark Diving
  171. Holy Crap!!!
  172. End of fish
  173. do moray eat sponges?
  174. Strong Great White presence on both coasts.
  175. Need Help Identifying
  176. Shedd Aquarium Chicago
  177. What be you see?
  178. Need Help Identifying, please
  179. Photo of a giant oceanic Manta Ray giving birth!!
  180. very sad news from our favorite part of Florida
  181. I mad the wench sad so here is a good critter news item
  182. Pending Texas Legislation
  183. Help identifying aquarium fish, please
  184. Marine Life Poisonings !
  185. Octopus Camoflage - Wow!
  186. radiation from Japan?
  187. seal attack or playing ?
  188. Amazing, a Dolphin asks a diver for help.
  189. Bioluminesence in sharks and other critters
  190. Your Shark Fun Fact of the Day!
  191. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  192. Cool Ocean Species Identification Web Site
  193. Another diver to the rescue!
  194. Interesting Underwater Creature video
  195. Encounter with a Baby Giant Pacific Octopus
  196. Hawksbill Turtle Close Encounter
  197. Hermit Crab With Gas
  198. Underwater Garden Too Cool!
  199. What's on your bucket list? Critter wise?
  200. FS: Aquabotix - HydroView Pro 7M Remote Operated Underwater Vehicle