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  1. Dive Rite Transpac II
  2. BP/W Diverite/Oxycheq
  3. Oxycheq Mach V Extreme Wing
  4. Assorted Scuba Fins Cleanout
  5. U.S. Diver's Cruise BCD with Airsource
  6. DEEP SEE Sea Scuba Diving Neoprene Dive Boots Size 10
  7. 3mm Scuba Shorty diving surfing wetsuit Men's ML
  8. Zeagle XL Shoulder's
  9. SP Jetfins & Dacor Turbo III Fins
  10. Scuba Gear Cleanout
  11. WTS Apollo AV-2 Evolution with NiMH battery and charger.
  12. FS: Clearing the Clutter
  13. Miscellaneous Scuba Equipment, Make me an offer! Need to Sell ASAP
  14. FS: Oceanic FDX 10/Delta 4 w/ Slimline 2 Octo - $250 shipped USPS Domestic
  15. Assorted Scuba Gear
  16. Ikelite Housing for Canon G5
  17. Dive light for sale
  18. Aqualung slingshots fins
  19. FS: Canon WW-DC1 Case Weight for Waterproof Housing
  20. Apollo Bio Fins size large
  21. ScubaPro KnightHawk BC size XL
  22. Oceanic delta
  23. Matched set of Faber MP80s $200 each or $375 for both
  24. NEW Oceanic Excursion 2 size Medium
  25. Used but not abused for sale
  26. Aqualung titan lx
  27. Aqualung Titan LX
  28. Assorted used dive gear (Regs, BCD, wetsuit, books, tank, camera, masks, knives, etc)
  29. Zeagle Escape for Sale - XL in Excellent Condition
  30. For Sale - Medium White’s Polarflex dry suit
  31. FS- SCUBAPRO mens and ladies BC and reg packages
  32. Zeagle RKO (aka Apeks Octo Plus) Octopus/Inflator with LP inflator hose - $25
  33. Faber Blue Steel L95DVB Tank
  34. For Sale - Apeks TX200 First Stage/Second Stage with TX40 Octo
  35. Dc600
  36. FS: Canon WW-DC1 Case Weight for Waterproof Housing
  37. Two Al80 Scuba Diving Tanks with Current Hydro
  38. FS: Canon S90, OEM Housing, Inon UWL-100 Lens, Remora Strobe
  39. For Sale: Atomic SS1 w/ myflex inflation hose
  40. Twin HP100's
  41. Atomic SS1
  42. SeaDoo Sea Scooter 20m/65ft
  43. UK Light Cannon 100 Professional HID
  44. Gen 1 Dive Caddy
  45. Zeagle Scout size medium
  46. Aeris ION Regulator set
  47. Canon A579IS, Housing, S&S YS-01 Strobe & arm kit
  48. 66 lbs Scuba Diving Weights w/ 2 Nylon Weight Belts
  49. FS: Sherwood Wisdom computer - $200 obro
  50. aqua lung pro qd for sale
  51. Optima FX Rebreather for Sale
  52. Zeagle Brigade for Sale! XL Vest L shoulders
  53. Women's Sherwood Luna BC, Mares Reg, Computer, Tank, extras
  54. HOG gear
  55. aqualung titan lx acd w/ miflex
  56. FS or ttrade- 8" bands Highland and unknown brand
  57. ScubaPro Nova Seawings
  58. For Sale - Brand New - ScubaPro MK11/R395 with Uwatec 2 gauge console
  59. Henderson Thermoprene 5 mm XXL
  60. BCs--Booties--Gauges--Tanks & Dive closet stuff
  61. For Sale- Scubapro service kits.
  62. For Sale: OMS STA
  63. Sherwood Avid BCD - medium
  64. Wetsuits and BCD
  65. Cressi Start Pro BCD, Size Medium - $180, obo or trade for mountain bike parts
  66. FS US Diver, Oceanic Regs
  67. Almost new gear for sale
  68. My Ebay listing for my drysuit and undergarmets
  69. Selling Like New Dive equipment BCDs, Regs, computers, knives, fins, lights, etc
  70. Sherwood Magnum BC xxl
  71. Sealife dc 600
  72. Women's Waterproof by Sweden 808 Toughzor 7mm Lady Brand New
  73. FS: New, never wet Sea Elite 3/2 wetsuit
  74. Lots misc stuff forsale, analyzer, Air2/SS1 hose, pony harness
  75. For sale: Brand new Suunto Vyper Air with Transmitter, still in box, $740
  76. Tons of Video Gear
  77. Mens Pinnacle Elastiprine 7mm LargeShort 200.00 obo shipped
  78. Pinnacle evolution 2 size king 2
  79. Seaquest Pro QD with i3 Technology BC size XXL
  80. aqualung legend supreme ACD and octopus/guages
  81. SCUBA Gear For Sale
  82. Tec/Cave Gear for Sale - and a Seaquest Pro QD Unlimited
  83. Brand New Freedom Backplate
  84. Olmpus E-pl1 camera pen housing twin strobes sea and sea ys-01 and ys-02
  85. Lot of Men's and Womens gear
  86. Bare XCD2 Pro Dry Crushed Neoprene Drysuit Custom Suit for a larger Diver
  87. STA, Weight pouches, fins, computer, wing
  88. Mens NeoSport Wetsuits 3MM Shorty/5MM Jumpsuit
  89. Full setup - barely used ($1600) DFW, TX
  90. For Sale (2) Right Angle Adapter's for a second stage regulator. ( NEW )
  91. Sealife SL-960D universal strobe
  92. FS: Sealife DC800
  93. New drysuit wrist seals
  94. For Sale: DSS Pro-Fit Stainless Steel Back Plate, Medium
  95. OLY C5060, 2 PT-020 Housings and Inon UWL 100 lens
  96. Gently Used Alum 80 Tank With Boot, Inspection Current
  97. FS: Zeagle Ranger LTD - Medium
  98. New Oceanic Veo 1.0 Wrist Computer
  99. Oxy 18 lb. Travel Wing, Stainless cam straps
  100. Apex DST First Stage
  101. Double tank bands 7.25"
  102. SPG, Valve, (2) MARA
  103. For Sale - Aeris/Oceanic Dive Computer Transmitter
  104. Lots of Camera Gear CHEAP!
  105. Misc neoprene gear.
  106. Brand New Never Wet 2011 Scubapro X-Tek 60lb Horsehoe Wing w SS Backplate and harness
  107. For Sale: Inon UFL-165AD and UCL-165AD
  108. FS: Atomic Aquatics Split Fins Size L
  109. Top of the Line Lights for Sale
  110. FS: Dive Right Wing and AL Backplate, Oxycheq Mini STA, and Nylon Braided Reg. Hose
  111. Match set of Faber Steel 80s. $285.00
  112. 2 drysuits for sale
  113. Oceanic Pro Plus2
  114. MARES MR22T ABYSS Scuba Diving Regulator Perfect Condition
  115. FS: Two womens wet suits
  116. Misc Stuff For Sale
  117. For Sale (2) UK HID Light Cannons - $210.00 incl. shipping
  118. Ikelite 5503.50 DSLR port FS
  119. Pinnacle Pacific Duffle Bag
  120. New DUI Delta BDC for sale.
  121. Long Island Scuba Flea Market
  122. Olympus C-5000Z Camera & Housings
  123. A sale gone RIGHT
  124. Sea & Sea LX-33 Underwater Video Lights
  125. Oceanic Pro Plus 2 QD Hoses/Downloiad Cable/Compass
  126. 19 cuft Pony and VS-3 reg for sale plus Poseidon adapter
  127. Luxfer 30 CF Stage Bottle with Scubapro Regulator and Pressure Gauge
  128. For sale DUI TLS 350 Classic Zip with Red Overlay - Men's Medium
  129. Zeagle Scout Large
  130. Atomic Aquatics Z2 first stage regulator, Z2 Octo, and comfort swivel hose
  131. for sale Miniature Ascent Rate Alarm
  132. For Sale Oceanic Veo 100 Nx
  133. for sale Wrist Compass
  134. For Sale Scubapro MK17 / MK19 service kits and 70 deg Swivel LP adaptors
  135. EVERYTHING is for sale
  136. Whites Fusion Bullet for sale
  137. Zeagle Stiletto LTD / Medium
  138. WTS Liquivision Xeo unlocked Trimix computer & extras for sale. Great price!!!
  139. Whites Fusion
  140. A few things for sale
  141. Sealife DC1400 digital camera
  142. Atomic Aquatics SS1 octo/power inflator with BC hose fitting and low pressure hose.
  143. WTS - Ladies 3mm Shorty wet suit size 7/8 (never used)
  144. Selling all my stuff
  145. Suunto Transmitter for HelO2, D9, D6, D4, Vytec, Vyper Air, etc.
  146. Taxes Due Sale!
  147. Ikelite Nikon D70/D70s housing for sale
  148. Scubapro V-Tec Split Fins (Natures Wing)
  149. Scubapro Jet Fin Size Medium (Brand New)
  150. Olympus Epl-1 and Pen Housing $700
  151. Couple of items for sale
  152. Scuba Pro x650/mk-25 and r-190 octo and uwatech console
  153. Oxycheq doubles wing, Salvo SS BP, Dive Rite hog harness
  154. FOR SALE : New Scubapro MK17 1st stage regulator
  155. For Sale- Various gear- Drysuits, masks, fins, snorkels, boots, wetsuits, lights...
  156. Complete Olympus SP-350 rig-----$700.00 shipped CON-US
  157. WTS: Zeagle Ranger (Small) $350
  158. For Sale- Zeagle Stiletto and Bare Wetsuit
  159. Cochran Commander Plus $200 obo
  160. Trying this again... Like new... Zeagle Brigade XL vest with L shoulders
  161. Zeagle Octo Z for Sale
  162. Aqualung Zuma
  163. Olympus FE-280 Digital Camera with underwater housing
  164. Like New - youth size 12
  165. FS-Waterproof Lynx Wetsuit
  166. FS: XL-XXL Riptide Orange BCD
  167. WTB: Oxycheq Mach V 30# signature series wing
  168. Materials for home made snoot - Camera guys take a look
  169. Suunto Vyper Air with Tansmitter For Sale
  170. Two sets of Sidemount Plates
  171. Freedom Plate
  172. 13 CU Pony Bottle/Zeagle Attachment
  173. Wenoka Lobster style mittens size lg $12 including shipping to lower 48.
  174. Sealife DC1200 elite
  175. WTB: Pretty much everything
  176. FS: Scubapro Twin Jet Fins, size small w/spring straps $85+shipping
  177. FS: Seaquest Diva LX BCD, size small, $145+shipping
  178. A bunch of ScubaPro Gear for sale. His & Hers
  179. 2XL Henderson Gold Wet Suit Brand new with tags
  180. FS: Oceanic CDX-5 Alpha 8 Regulator package with guages and miflex
  181. Vyper Air with out Transmitter
  182. 2 hp steel 100s
  183. Neosport 7mm John and Jacket Wetsuit XXL
  184. ScubaPro Jet Fins - Medium
  185. Suunto Cobra and download cable
  186. Sealife Video Light
  187. WTS: DiveRite TransPac
  188. Size 8-9 (M/L) Tulsa Zoom fins, Mares X vision Mask, Ocean Master Dry Snorkel
  189. BCD-womens, Regulator, Dive Watch, Wetsuits, Roller Bag for Sale
  190. 2 Suunto Dive Computers and 1 Custom Idea Data Cable for Sale!
  191. Atomic Smoke on the Water Fins Size Large for sale
  192. Brand new in box Laluz 800 focus light.
  193. Want to Buy Atomic Aquatics SS1 or Newer Scubapro Air 2
  194. Want to Buy steel tanks
  195. Getting out of diving - Ottawa ON
  196. Zeagle Escape Size Medium for Sale
  197. Neptune II full face w/comm
  198. Olympus SP-350, Complete Setup
  199. Large Pinnacle Temperate underarment
  200. 1960 vintage U.S Divers two piece rubber wetsuit
  201. FS: Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe and Ultralight Tray/Handle/Arms/Clamps Set
  202. Zeagle Ranger (older style) Used Size Small $350 obo
  203. Underwater Pocket Sonar
  204. Zeagle Stilleto med
  205. Tusa Zoom Black Large/X Large (it could go as low as $60.00)
  206. For Sale: Mares Deluxe 3-2-2 Trilastic Wetsuit-Women's Size 6
  207. For sale: Aeris Atmos AI w/ compass, QD & download cable
  208. Used Gear to pass on to best offer
  209. Lightly used Suunto Gekko for sale
  210. Zeagle Ranger womens BCD
  211. Zeagle Ranger BCD (Small) Basically Brand New - Only 1 Dive
  212. Oceanic Pro Tour Bioflex XS-S
  213. Aeris Atmos LX BCD - Small - Only used 5 times
  214. Brigade - Medium
  215. Sea & Sea YS-110a
  216. Tray and arms
  217. Ikelite DS-125
  218. 2 Deep See Quantum Stretch 7mm Wetsuits (Men’s Medium, Women’s 7-8) - USED ONCE!
  219. WTS: Zeagle Flathead VI with ZX Octo
  220. Getting rid of the OC gear
  221. Atomic adjustable heel split fins for sale! Size Medium, Red! Great Condition!
  222. Used recently serviced Zeagle octo-z
  223. Diverite steel backplate. 10lbs
  224. Scubapro drysuit
  225. Sea Sea YS 90 DX TTL Underwater Strobe (it could go as low as $175.00)
  226. HP100 steel tank, ScubaPro Lady Hawk BC.
  227. Scubapro Litehawk BC w/ Air II - Medium/Large (it could go as low as $350.00)
  228. FS: OMS/Faber 108 Doubles
  229. (2) Bonica High Definition Underwater Video Cameras
  230. Olympus pen e-pl3 camera
  231. DUI Rock Boots Men Size 9 for sale
  232. Oceanic Swiv Maxdepth 3-Gauge Console with Pressur (it could go as low as $175.00)
  233. Aqua Lung Titan 1st and 2nd Stage regulator (it could go as low as $225.00)
  234. Canon Waterproof Case WP-DC800 for Powershot S500, S410 and S400
  235. Aeris Atmos Pro Second Stage Regulator
  236. BCD/First/2nd/Safe 2nd/Computer set
  237. Fourth Element subxero jacket size L, sea elite and scuba pro isolators.
  238. Selling: Computers/BCDs/Regs
  239. Bauer compressor Utilus 10 Never used
  240. Tusa Zoom Fins Black X Small/Small (it could go as low as $60.00)
  241. D90 Housing by Nexus and D90 Camera Plus extra's
  242. For sale, a few odds and ends.
  243. Mares X-Stream Dive Fins Blue X Large (it could go as low as $99.95)
  244. Sherwood Avid Medium BCD (it could go as low as $200.00)
  245. Tusa Zoom Fins Black X Small/Small (it could go as low as $60.00)
  246. Tusa Two Way Carry Bag (it could go as low as $5.00)
  247. Tank Valve Pro VX 200 Xs Scuba (it could go as low as $30.00)
  248. Oceanic Cargo Carry On Dive Bag (it could go as low as $59.95)
  249. Mares Icon HD Nitrox Dive Computer Non Upgradable (it could go as low as $318.75)
  250. Factory Blemished Hollis F1 Yellow Tip Fins (it could go as low as $74.96)