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  1. Aeris HUD CompuMask Nitrox Computer (it could go as low as $562.46)
  2. Pinnacle Evo 2
  3. Bonica Snapper 1080 HD DV Video Camera
  4. Ikelite Housing Nikon CoolPix L18
  5. ScubaPro KnightHawk BCD (it could go as low as $200.00)
  6. Henderson Scuba Gloves (5 mm) (it could go as low as $20.00)
  7. Short Boots 3mm Size 12 (it could go as low as $25.00)
  8. Dive Flashlight (it could go as low as $25.00)
  9. Tusa Xpert Zoom Split Fins with adjustable straps (it could go as low as $20.00)
  10. Can Dive Light & Torus 49 Wing
  11. Tusa Liberator Fins (it could go as low as $15.00)
  12. Sealife Underwater Camera (it could go as low as $100.00)
  13. Reg, Octo, Gauges (it could go as low as $125.00)
  14. Mares BCD (it could go as low as $150.00)
  15. Mares Nemo Air Quick Disconnect Hose
  16. BP/W salvo al bp, dive rite wing, oms DSMB holder
  17. Kirby Morgan KMB-8 Band Mask
  18. Bands, manifolds, wing, accessories
  19. Large Sherwoof Tortuga and Auqalung Pro QD with I3 ALSO Airsouce and Gemini octos
  20. Spare air 3.0 cf
  21. 3 Integrated Octo/inflators 2 Aqualung, 1 Sherwood
  22. Hollis DG05 - New in Box w/Transmitter
  23. Sherwood, Aqualung, Apex regs
  24. Used Oceanic Atom 2!! Dive Computer
  25. New Hollis F2 Fins size M/L $100.00 shipped in USA.
  26. Oceanic VT3, with DSS bungee mount $350
  27. Aqua Lung Pro LT (it could go as low as $150.00)
  28. XL Sherwood avid 2 bcd
  29. WTB - tank equalizer
  30. Zeagle pony bottle system
  31. WTS: Flathead VI Setup
  32. For Sale Dive Rite Hurricane Singles or Doubles set up
  33. Scubapro knighthawk bcd medium
  34. Selling Olympus XZ-1 camera and housing
  35. Scubapro fin straps
  36. Canon 60mm lens and Ikelite items for sale
  37. Apollo Bio Fins - Must Go!
  38. Aeris Elite T3 -- $550
  39. Looking to buy a Halcyon Infinity BP/W System
  40. Fs: Dui tls350se
  41. FS: Complete Photo setup--Canon G11 and housing, Sea&Sea strobe, plus more.
  42. Fantasea BigEye Lens for Canon G10,11,12, etc.
  43. Cressi Sub AC2 Black Yoke Regulator (it could go as low as $183.75)
  44. Bigblue 30 Watt LED Dive Light Demo Unit (it could go as low as $262.50)
  45. HOG Stainless Steel Back Plate (it could go as low as $74.95)
  46. Titanium Folding Dive Knife (it could go as low as $44.95)
  47. Tank Valve Pro VX 200 Xs Scuba (it could go as low as $35.00)
  48. St. Moritz M1 Deep 6 Dive Watch (it could go as low as $145.00)
  49. Oceanic VEO 100 Wrist Computer (it could go as low as $124.95)
  50. Oceanic Cargo Carry On (it could go as low as $69.95)
  51. Mares Puck Wrist Computer (it could go as low as $185.00)
  52. Mares Icon HD Nitrox Dive Computer Non Upgradable (it could go as low as $337.50)
  53. Mares Cruise Journey Backpack (it could go as low as $57.95)
  54. Hollis BAC 65 Lb. Wing (it could go as low as $120.00)
  55. Wrist Slate (it could go as low as $10.00)
  56. Digital Luggage Scale (it could go as low as $19.95)
  57. Zipper Dive Log Book (it could go as low as $14.95)
  58. See Me Safety Signal Tube (it could go as low as $19.95)
  59. Snap Sights Sports Utility Camera (it could go as low as $14.95)
  60. IST DIVERS TOOL KIT (it could go as low as $16.95)
  61. UK Mini Q 40 Dive Light (it could go as low as $22.95)
  62. Inflate a Flag (it could go as low as $14.00)
  63. Divers Journal (it could go as low as $11.95)
  64. Cetacea Deluxe Save a Dive Kit (it could go as low as $28.95)
  65. Flashing Strobe with Velcro Strap (it could go as low as $27.95)
  66. Lift Bag 100 Pound (it could go as low as $37.46)
  67. Lift Bag 50 Pound (it could go as low as $34.95)
  68. table Flag N Float (it could go as low as $28.95)
  69. Wrist Compass (it could go as low as $36.95)
  70. Small Trident Cave Diving Reel (it could go as low as $39.95)
  71. 5_5 Ft Travel Sling (it could go as low as $45.95)
  72. Large Trident Cave Diving Reel (it could go as low as $47.95)
  73. Retractor Compass on Slate (it could go as low as $52.00)
  74. Dive Flag Float and Cover with Pole Assembly Kit (it could go as low as $59.95)
  75. Bladefish 5000 DPV Sea Jet Underwater Scooter (it could go as low as $524.99)
  76. Replacement Power Inflator (it could go as low as $22.99)
  77. Stainless Steel Cam Latch Tank Strap (it could go as low as $19.99)
  78. Dive Caddy Destination Bag (it could go as low as $34.99)
  79. Dive Flag Mesh Bag (it could go as low as $21.71)
  80. Scubatoys Regulator Bag (it could go as low as $9.99)
  81. Signal Mirror (it could go as low as $7.99)
  82. Dive Flag Mask Bag (it could go as low as $8.99)
  83. Accessory Hanger (it could go as low as $8.99)
  84. Water Activated Dive Marker Light (it could go as low as $10.99)
  85. Otter Box 3000 (it could go as low as $13.99)
  86. Otter Box 2500 Dry Box (it could go as low as $13.95)
  87. Aqua Maraca (it could go as low as $8.95)
  88. Large Dry Bag (it could go as low as $18.99)
  89. Medium Dry Bag (it could go as low as $16.99)
  90. Small Dry Bag (it could go as low as $14.00)
  91. Innovative Scuba BC Flush Hose (it could go as low as $13.95)
  92. Trident Aluminum Noise Maker (it could go as low as $14.00)
  93. Scuba Tool (it could go as low as $14.95)
  94. Otter Box 3500 (it could go as low as $14.95)
  95. Scubapro MK11 C200 Regulator (it could go as low as $187.46)
  96. Scubapro Seawing Nova Gorilla Dive Fins X large (it could go as low as $89.95)
  97. Finger Spool (it could go as low as $13.99)
  98. Scuba Divers Sign Language Manual (it could go as low as $18.71)
  99. Aeris 5 Oceans BCD Last Years Red X Large (it could go as low as $224.99)
  100. Genesis Sirene BCD Large (it could go as low as $299.99)
  101. Oceanic Explorer Youth BCD (it could go as low as $209.96)
  102. Dive Rite TransPlate Harness (it could go as low as $89.99)
  103. Aeris A1 Regulator (it could go as low as $168.74)
  104. Light and Motion Sola 1200 for sale
  105. ScubaPro 30" LP Regulator Hoses
  106. ScubaPro SPG and 32" hose
  107. Video and DSLR Gear for Sale
  108. WTT For Gear
  109. ScubaPro Accessories For Sale
  110. Hog cold wtaer D1
  111. used Brigade LG
  112. Complete Nikon D3X and Aquatica Housing for sale/trade
  113. Long Island Scuba Flea Market
  114. XXL Jet Fins with spring straps
  115. bc an oct
  116. Double Zeagle Regs, Green Force FII-HID 50 canister light
  117. Whites Catalist 360 Drysuit
  118. Suunto HelO2 and Suunto Vyper Air
  119. FS: Used Large Dacor Talon BCD
  120. Dive Rite NiTek Duo $110
  121. Reduced: WP-DC800 for Powershot S500, S410 and S400
  122. X-dive Cuda 650 for sale
  123. Oceanic VT3 Hoseless Complete System
  124. Midland XTC300VP4 HD Video Camera with dive housing
  125. For Sale: Zeagle Brigade XL/XL (WITH optional rear weight pockets & weight pouches)
  126. Used Gear For Sale, In Pool Only Once
  127. Turtle Fins w/Halcyon Spring Straps
  128. Atomic SS1 octo-inflators - 2 available
  129. Used Suunto D6 dive computer
  130. Used Apollo BioFins with spring straps
  131. Zeagle Ranger Like NEW condition!
  132. Zeagle 50d Reg prices
  133. 2 pairs of Atomic Split Fins for sale
  134. For Sale: Scubpro BC, Air 2, Henderson gloves and a hood.
  135. citizen dive watch for sale
  136. WTT: Looking to trade for scuba package
  137. Package for Sell
  138. Night divers: Need a REAL emergency marker strobe?
  139. Wetsuit and Booties (Mens) for Sale
  140. Brand New BCD, Regulator, computer
  141. Atomic Cobalt Dive Computer and Accessories
  142. Zeagle Wicked BC XXL
  143. Oxycheq Renegade Weight Harness
  144. Buddy Link - Dive Communicators
  145. Used Zeagle Ranger BCD Size: Large $350
  146. Henderson Polyolefin fullsuit - all black, size large - $55 inc. shipping
  147. BP/W Set Up for sale
  148. Light Monkey 9w LED Canister Light
  149. Tusa Platina Evolution BCD -LARGE/XL
  150. Tekna DVE scooter
  151. Highland 7.25" and 8" bands
  152. Aeris Atmos AI 2.0 for sale
  153. Used Oceanic Atom 2 with Transmitter
  154. Used Zeagle Wicked Lite BC size large for sale
  155. Used Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator and Mare Brigade Oct
  156. Hollis SMS100
  157. Greenforce Flexi II, Tristar P4
  158. Atomic Cobalt
  159. For Sale or Trade: Brand New Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full Face Mask and Regulator
  160. Atomic Aquatics Splitfits Open Heel XL Yellow - Never Used 120.00 Shipped
  161. Complete Underwater Video Setup--Sony/Ikelite
  162. Atomic Z2 regulator with Z2 Octo, miflex hoses, 90 degree elow, Mares SPG, like new
  163. Scuba Pro Jet Fin - Large, Xlint Condition
  164. Halcyon Explorer 55 Wing $175
  165. Stahlsac Roatan Reg Bag $40.00
  166. For Sale OMS 150ft jump reel $65/ Dive Rite back up reel $50
  167. Halcyon Explorer 9 HID light For Sale
  168. Selling my sealife strobes
  169. Kirby Morgan KMB-8 Band Mask
  170. Zeagle Express Tech, basic model, New in Box for sale.
  171. 7mm pinnacle merino element new with tags (size mt) + 50# oxycheq wing
  172. UK Sea Turtle Light Kit and Intova compact LED Dive torch for sale
  173. FS: Mares Dragon AT/Mares Octo/Reg
  174. zeagle brigade ranger. size large
  175. Lots of Gear for Sale: Full BP/W for single tank, can light, etc
  176. High pressure hose, 3 gauge console, pressure gauge, computer and compas
  177. Complete Set- Scuba Gear
  178. Momentun M50 dive watch blue dial and elapsed time ring
  179. Deep Blue 1000 meter Dive Master watch
  180. FS: Brand new Whites Fusion Bullet
  181. Zeagle Escape
  182. Mares X Vision Mask
  183. For sale: Zeagle Ranger size large.
  184. Atomic Aquatics Scuba Diving High Performance Split Fin Adjustable Dive Fins
  185. Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH S500 and WP-DC800 Waterproof Case with accessories
  186. Brand NEW 2014 Aqualung Zuma M/L
  187. Selling our 2014 timeshare week in Belize (San Pedro, Ambergris Caye)
  188. Womens 7mm Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit Size 12
  189. Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch 7/5 Women's Size 14
  190. DUI Flex 50/50 Drysuit and everything else.
  191. Whites Dry Suites and Undergarments
  192. Suunto D9xt and Apex XTX 200Tungsten Reg set
  193. Dive Rite Back Plate and Harness with Apex Wing
  194. cleaning out basement
  195. For the DFW area only: Gear blowout of tanks and computers
  196. Poseidon MK VI Recreation Rebreather for sale
  197. Brand New Ikelite 6280.26 housing + slightly used Nikon Coolpix L26
  198. Regulators, BCD and Fins for sale
  199. Aqualung Solfx 8mm semi dry with attached hood XL
  200. DFW area. Edge epic regulator set for sale
  201. Bunch of stuff (Henderson wet suits, gloves, fins, mask, etc..)
  202. Various Ikelite Ports
  203. Hollis Bcd
  204. FS: Atomic Aquatics Titanium Dive Knife
  205. FS: Dive Rite Junior Wing
  206. WTS: Compete Dive Package (minus tanks)
  207. FS: Ikelite DS51 strobe, sync cord, flex arm kit
  208. Faber LP Steel 108 Tank
  209. Apeks AT20 regulator
  210. Aqualung Blades 2 Giant fins with spring straps
  211. Nauticam housing for Nikon D7000 and D7000 camera body for sale
  212. Mares Puck Air Integrated Computer
  213. Hollis ATS BCD Large weight integrated
  214. Ocean Reef Full Face Mask.. NEW
  215. 2 ikelite DS50 Strobes and cord
  216. Entire Set of Excellent Gear for Sale
  217. Sony DSC-7 Underwater Camera with Sea&Sea YS27 Strobe
  218. Some miscellaneous stuff for sale
  219. Atomic Aquatics ST1 Yoke Regulator
  220. XL Turtle Fins w/Spring Straps - Like New $75
  221. Mometum m30
  222. Misc used gear for sale. Fins, mask, knives, hoods, light
  223. Full Face Mask Ocean Reef Neptune Space G
  224. Apollo av1 under water scooter $1000
  225. Sea Life DC1400 $950
  226. Men's XL BCD $250
  227. Scubapro Litehawk BC with dumpable weight pockets
  228. New Aeris Atmos BCD
  229. Tilos 3mm Farmer John XXXL
  230. two AL80 tanks for sale
  231. Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BCD with Zip Touch Weight System
  232. Suunto D6i Chrome + Transmitter
  233. New Suunto Zoop Computer $210 shipped
  234. SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 600 SL981
  235. OTS full face mask
  236. Professional Dive Gear - Selling due to injury $800 obo
  237. Scuba Tank for sale
  238. FINS
  239. Apollo bio-fin pro fins w/ spring straps
  240. Panasonic camera w/ UW case
  241. Seawing nova fins
  242. Mares/Other Dive Gear
  243. Olympus XZ-1 Camera, housing, Sea & Sea strobe and wide angle lens
  244. Henderson Thermoprene Semidry suit
  245. For Sale SeaLife DC1400 Sea Dragon Maxx Duo pkg
  246. Everything Must Go
  247. Wet Suits; Mask/Fin/Snorkel Set & a Few Accessories
  248. Zeagle Brigade w/ extras.
  249. Sea&Sea YS-01 Strobe
  250. Gasoline Driven Coltri MCH6 salesman sample for sale