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  1. Netflix Slowly Getting Out of DVD Business
  2. Billion Dollar Dive Boat
  3. Snow, Snow, Snow
  4. Any ideas????
  5. Burglars steal-snort-(wrong cocaine)-really mans & dogs ashes in urn...
  6. The World is Sinking
  7. I'll bet the Coast Guard loves this guy
  8. Whites Bullet Face Book give away...
  9. anyone looking for a compressor found a good deal
  10. testing a boat with out tags q
  11. Do you like LOL cats?
  12. This is good.
  13. Piranha Movie / Lake Havasu
  14. New wheels
  15. Gossip
  16. I Knew It...Sarah Palin's High
  17. How about those Packers
  18. If I was a great white shark I wouldn't bite you
  19. watching a shuttle launch
  20. lobstering with pots
  21. Well my niece is mad at me... again.
  22. inland north florida
  23. words to live by...
  24. Magnets Can Cause You To Make Bad Moral Decisions
  25. Sanctum Worth the price of admission?
  26. another shooting
  27. few boat questions
  28. underwater hunter
  29. I would dive it LOL
  30. grills
  31. Company Develops Synthetic Fuel - $1.50 per Gallon
  32. Shark Savers NEED YOUR HELP!
  34. Found this video today on another site, hope this post works
  35. Super Bowl Weekend...DFW Needs Your Help
  36. Happy Birthday Devil Diver!
  37. The spam mail that killed
  38. New Scuba training video series.
  39. So An Atom Walks Into A Bar...
  40. Captain America will be called First Avenger overseas
  41. Illegal Forclosures on Active Duty Military
  42. I thought Rick (Vicerixnoturnisios) might enjoy this
  43. any florida fisherman out there willing to help
  44. Seafood pizza
  45. Should we find out?
  46. Toronto is Full of Zombies
  47. $1 a plate SUSHI!!
  48. Electric Water Heater, is leaving it on worth it?
  49. Octopus in a Bottle
  50. Amazon tribe
  51. Safety Course / Jet Ski / Dive Flag
  52. Great Britain, United Kingdom, and Commonwealth Explained
  53. no snow.. but schools are closed because of..
  54. Online Shopping Addiction
  55. Frozen Pipes
  56. Do You Feel Inadequate? New Miracle Drug May help
  57. Scuba Joke
  58. Sand Art
  59. Sanctum: The Real Story
  60. Coffee Makes Women Smarter and Men Dumber
  61. Got my stuff and went lobster hunting and caught something.... not a LOBSTER
  62. Nincompoopery!
  63. boat dive on the washington and christ of the abyess
  64. Most Illegal Move in History
  65. Just book marking this
  66. YESS!~!!!!!!
  67. To my snowbound diver pals.
  68. what makes for a good buddy
  69. Neptune MM2 Mini Submersibile
  70. refresher before boat diving
  71. Jules Verne on Google
  72. great shore dive
  73. wichita weather
  74. It's that time of year again...
  75. Insane temps
  76. what would you do
  77. Just about pooped myself
  78. Off the Map - Scuba Rescue
  79. Any Audiophiles out there.
  80. another new wreck found
  81. My New Motorcycle
  82. favorite drink
  83. question on a english paper on reefs
  84. the most important thing a diver can learn
  85. Origins of Valentine's Day...Them Crazy Romans
  86. Diver Lift
  87. Go scuba toys
  88. IJS
  89. home bar
  90. Zing!...Oh Snap!!!
  91. Happy Birthday Lulubelle!!!
  92. yes I am padding my post by 1
  93. Facebook Photos Fun Facts
  94. Mom sells kids' toys on eBay as punishment
  95. got a sandler/barrymore movie going
  96. Should Grand Master Spammer Rank Be Changed?
  97. How to tell it is the middle of winter
  98. Happy Birthday Vercingetorix
  99. Think You're Better Than The Other Guys? You Loser
  100. Finally! Truth in advertising!
  101. I made it, now what do I do with it?
  102. Awesome day at the beach today!
  103. Happy Birthday Scubatrucker!!
  104. dam oil
  105. true story behind sanctum
  106. Wow! This movie looks intense.
  107. My instructor (probably) has a cool piece of "Sanctum" memoribila
  108. Happy Birthday WV Diver!!
  109. Shooting Advice
  110. Liar!
  111. what gun do you own and do you carry
  112. filling car(jeep) tires with a scuba tank
  113. Mystery solved - Lulubelle's new car
  114. COD: Black Ops
  115. Nation's Last Veteran of The Great War Dies
  116. car dealer math
  117. hello mr trooper was I really going 50mph in a 30
  118. My nephew recieved his appointment letter to the USAF Academy yesterday.
  119. rhino lining and salt water
  120. best place to download music
  121. English paper on the reefs
  122. It's Suicide, No It's Murder, No It's an Accident, No It's Suicide!!
  123. Tired of Charlie Sheen?
  124. your last meal....
  125. 101 ways to use scuba gear
  126. Fat Tuesday!
  127. Polar ice melt accelerating.
  128. I asked her
  129. Thought I would share this lifted my day up
  130. stupiedest thing you have ever bought. Plus the smartest thing
  131. Gas Prices??
  132. Earthquake in Japan
  133. Splitlip ?
  134. guess I am worth 5.5 million DEAD
  135. Vegemite!
  136. SHARK oh ok, ohh no great white SHARK
  137. stargate series(s)
  138. Leaving St. Croix, headed to...
  139. Happie Pie Day
  140. wow so close I can feel it
  141. March Madness
  142. red dawn remake of the remake not yet release
  143. Thanks to the Irish!
  144. If you could make one phone call to yourself in the past, at any moment,...
  145. Well, at least she knocked Charlie Sheen off the interwebs.
  146. Oh god... they know my Weakness
  147. Historically Hardcore
  148. Awesome sig line.
  149. Metric System
  150. Houston/Galveston
  151. Odd books
  152. What Happens When You Don't Use O2 Clean BALLOONS
  153. I went fishing the other day...
  154. Santa Clara?
  155. Bass Amp Cabinet
  156. Airfare - Wow!!
  157. Are the rumors true?
  158. ....
  159. Goodbye St. Croix!
  160. Double homicide @ bhb!!!!!
  161. New Garmin 1450
  162. Dog People! You've got to love this.
  163. Been really trying to stay away..
  164. test
  165. test
  166. Croc Found Near Lake Ray Roberts
  167. can you dive when your pregnant
  168. Biofuels
  169. FlyNano - The Next SCUBA Craft?
  170. Looking at watches
  171. Maurice!
  172. preping for florida
  173. new car need some advice
  174. Depth - SCUBA Diving Game
  175. Breaking news. Obama is an American!!
  176. Do Not Try This At Home; I am a fully trained and Professional Russian.
  177. Fun Stuff on YouTube Today
  178. OK I needcomputer help
  179. Health care fix
  180. Scuba Gear Transporter
  181. bin Laden Dead.
  182. Canadian Election
  183. I want one
  184. Newbies & Refreshers-PLEASE!! do not overstate abilities & experience!!
  185. Sea Hunt
  186. Resume writing
  187. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!
  188. 19 bucks? You Gotta Be Screwin' With Me
  189. Judgement Day - 21 May 2011
  190. I wrecked
  191. What To Do With Boat Anchors?
  192. Everything I Know About Canada...
  193. Sherwood Brut
  194. dam what am I to do
  195. might lose some diving this summer
  196. The 2nd coolest thing I have ever seen in my life....
  197. Patriot PAWS guesting on my blog
  198. Tornado hit Joplin DivingCRNA, gNats, everyone else, okay?
  199. Tornado sirens going off in okc
  200. knee surgery and diving
  201. Help rebuild St. Mary's School
  202. Tornado Hits Sedalia, MO
  203. DAN Insurance
  204. What else do you do?
  205. geocaching
  206. Bubbling sea signals coral threat
  207. Too funny (sick but funny) not to share:
  208. Memorial Day .... A Day of Remembrance
  209. dam insurance companies
  210. pilot whales need help in Key Largo
  211. Thank You Canada
  212. smoking
  213. Telltale Heart Monologue
  214. Congressman Weiner...
  215. Would You be Willing to Relocate to Dive?
  216. If you're bored....
  217. Happy Birthday scubagirlj!!!!
  218. Father's Day
  219. Trolling?
  220. Bobby likes to help out
  221. Pirates of the Caribbean
  222. Serious decompression
  223. Bankers Capture 1000 lb. Mako
  224. Seabreacher
  225. A Bull Up the Alabama River! :)
  226. One of those days at the office
  227. Help need battery quick
  228. Google+
  229. DIY plumber
  230. I got lost, but now I am back.
  231. Do ST's Gift Cards Expire?
  232. Need Advise
  233. Hillbilly Hell
  234. Black Bear Sighting
  235. How to get the wife to let you buy dive gear.
  236. PADI Diving Society
  237. Support Justice for 13 Italian Greyhounds
  238. Spearing Lion Fish in COZ
  239. Just about the most fun you can have ON the water!
  240. Blue Bell Ice Cream
  241. Is the Life You're Living Worth the Price You're Paying to Live It?
  242. Humpback Whale 'thanks' Rescuers who Saved it from Dying in Fishing Nets
  243. Anyone else??
  244. 2012 elections
  245. Making the Cut - USAF Combat Diver - On Now
  246. Ready for Some Football!!!!
  247. Now, if it just underwater...
  248. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?
  249. Dolphin blowing perfect air rings.
  250. It's Hot !