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  1. advance question.
  2. master scuba diver
  3. Does my mask have to be air-tight?
  4. What should be the proper weight on my weight belt?
  5. Can I quickly ascend from 15'?
  6. diving goals now and when you started.
  7. Are there swimming pools that allow SCUBA gear?
  8. training question.
  9. elearning.
  10. time between dives.
  11. What waves are too big to dive? From shore and from boat.
  12. Does this water have divable visiability?
  13. is this ok for newbi divers
  14. time between dives.
  15. fail the test.
  16. 200 yard or 300 yards with fins mask snorkel.
  17. check this out
  18. enriched air elearning.
  19. enriched air elearning.
  20. In the written test are there questions about using compass?
  21. Is there a "never snorkel alone" rule?
  22. Trying to get the hang of ascending
  23. ACUC vs PADI
  24. Trying to get the hang of descending...
  25. Why or why not padi.
  26. table tutor
  27. Rofl Lmao
  28. What's going on with NAUI?
  29. DAN
  30. Does rain matter to a diver?
  31. my head ohhh my head.
  32. Who dat
  33. planning dive for my size.
  34. Nitrox diver with a air diver
  35. Nitrox class its on!!
  36. Just completed Nitrox
  37. doing nitrox for safety
  38. Please!
  39. Deep Stops - Expert Opinions
  40. Warm water here I come!
  41. Is it easier to swim at surface or underwater?
  42. A couple of crazy ideas
  43. Have you ever needed alt air source?
  44. bigman's cert class thread.
  45. Do I need an actual certificate of certification
  46. Anyone know if boat harbors generally allow diving inside the harbor?
  47. Update on Nitrox
  48. Shore diving.
  49. air/nitrox fills and card certs
  50. What I learned from my ow cert.
  51. how to figure buoyancy
  52. NAUI Master Diver
  53. Public safety classes
  54. "young" diver training
  55. "It's shallow so watch your weight" - what does that mean?
  56. NASE
  57. lead weight distribution
  58. Fun video to share -- Rough beach entry/exit
  59. Dive Weight
  60. Going out on a kayak from shore
  61. PADI Sidemount
  62. Master Diver or Divemaster? Tough decision
  64. Any place diveable in from Monterey to Sonoma this weekend?
  65. God certification
  66. Family taking Discover Scuba
  67. Wallet, car keys, cash
  68. Senior diver
  69. AOW Schedule.
  70. Does breathing pure oxygen give a person more vitality or "health"?
  71. How to deal with dry throat at sea bottom?
  72. Skin diver course for certified diver?
  73. Why not use index finger instead of thumb to indicate going up/down?
  74. Removing BC and wearing it again
  75. Bubblemaker class
  76. Trying to get a Summer Internship
  77. Nitrox without Tables
  78. Any tips for a successful Try Scuba Session?
  79. Online CPR training
  80. Headaches after diving
  81. DM Internship
  82. Recon's Wife Taking the Plunge.
  83. Fun questions to ponder.....
  84. is 4'6'' deep enoug for weight check
  85. Logging Dives
  86. Well
  87. what do I need to dive to 400 feet.
  88. I know this is crazy but hey I am crazy.
  89. nitrox with AOW
  90. diving goals and weather or not to stay with padi
  91. OW and AOW in one weekend
  92. saftey stop and hand sign questions
  93. AOW dives and which to go with
  94. Fin kick and which is best.
  95. 2 More weeks
  96. rescue diver
  97. doing full cert for specialties
  98. A Newbi As An Instructor
  99. I pulled the trigger and it florida or bust
  100. Elearning and AOW
  101. Thoughts on E-Learning
  102. Can this be an effective way to protect from sharks?
  103. What is a rebreather
  104. one door shuts and another opens.
  105. Have my checkout dives this weekend
  106. when did you do rescue?
  107. refernce line with tank for safety stop when doing deep dives.
  108. Poker Dive
  109. AOw dives today 2 down three to go
  110. Diving Doubles Blog. Is it a Horror Story? Or Comedy?
  111. When you ascend.
  112. Recognition between agencies, instructors only please
  113. Horizontal trim...Great information and tips
  114. Pat myself on the back
  115. carbon monoxide poisoning
  116. Dive Plan Changing
  117. Underwater Sign Language Course
  118. Back to School Time!
  119. SDI and Dive Tables
  120. Purchasing gear other than your LDS to do OW cert
  121. SeaSigns Hand Signals
  122. How to clear water out of snorkel when waterline is higher than my mouth?
  123. What should I do next.
  124. Fresh water/salt water buoyancy
  125. Deepest Dive First? Not Anymore
  126. Signs that your Buddy's close to panic
  127. So you want a Diploma in Cave Diving
  128. Stated weight doesn't match actual weight: Accident or fairly common?
  129. Does breathing faster give you more vitality or health?
  130. is it time to find a new shop
  131. Buoyancy Control Article
  132. Mask and Breathing Problems.
  133. Equipment on the bottom of the pool
  134. lack of ability to reach tank valve
  135. fill express
  136. How to prevent lead weights from moving around on the belt?
  137. does your diver number change everytime your get a card
  138. Will I still need my Nitrox card?
  139. "Wind waves" and "Swells" -- What impacts shore more?
  140. DAN Courses
  141. Training Class Bribery
  142. Do you like having seals around when you dive?
  143. I feel cold after about 2 hours in water. Is that normal?
  144. Wow a dive shop/cert program is getting a bad rap on People's Court right now...
  145. AOW Card and Nitrox Card with wrong birthday.
  146. Does the SAC improve with physical condition?
  147. Drinking and Diving...
  148. Water Temperature Tables
  149. Regulator Purging
  150. WOW thats a high price for a wreck cert.
  151. SMB deployment
  152. Contacts or prescription mask?
  153. General safety items and accessories
  154. Scuba diving and swimming?
  155. When did dive table numbers change?
  156. a college degree in diving!!!!
  157. need some help
  158. Nitrox cert questions
  159. Master Diver and Specialty "Dives"
  160. Checklists?
  161. What's your method for equalizing?
  162. nitrox class question
  163. Going Down - Weight Issues?
  164. Tank Staging on deep dives
  165. What's Your Best Advice for a Newbie?
  166. Horizontal Trim Issues
  167. Gear Storage - How Do You Pack it?
  168. Gear buying tips for the new diver..
  169. My Favorite Physics Question for Divers
  170. Newbie asking ?'s about training
  171. Coldest dive to date
  172. Combining Dives to Obtain Multiple Training Specializations
  173. LDS and dive site recommendations in cajun country
  174. ow cert at bonne terre mines
  175. Starting Stress & Rescue Diver this week hopefully...
  176. online nitrox course
  177. Why Nitrox?
  178. What's the point?
  179. Question on trim (heavy legs)
  180. Rescue done.
  181. buoyancy
  182. Quick question on diving a wreck...
  183. What would you do? Dive Scenario
  184. Differences in Nitrox courses - SDI, PADI, and SSI
  185. Need a Padi OW Book HELP!
  186. Naui vs Padi
  187. It's Official
  188. Frediving courses in egypt abyss garden
  189. A good group of articles on bouyancy
  190. so why am I certifiec to 90 feet
  191. noob winter logistics question...
  192. Oahu boat dive
  193. is cavern a must before intro
  194. air use then and now
  195. Since it is winter...
  196. drysuit course
  197. people wonder why people dont want to finish a class
  198. Help Ear hurts!
  199. Lion Fish Hunter Specialty Dive
  200. PADI NITROX online price too high
  201. Question about PADI requirement (Rescue Diver+)
  202. The SAA Deep Lift
  203. Best videography training in Thailand??
  204. Advanced open water
  205. Scuba Diving Internships
  206. needing zero weight?
  207. Incentivized to Certify Marginal Divers
  208. Padi rescue Diver written test
  209. Rescue class and CPR
  210. Question about NAUI dive table
  211. Piercings
  212. Scuba "Internships" abroad
  213. Missing PADI Specialties
  214. DAN is really necessary?
  215. Deep stops?
  216. Safe ascent rate
  217. Cpr pocket mask
  218. A Bizzare, Distressing and Dangerous Incident Today at CSSP
  219. safety stop practice
  220. Tolerance for cold while diving
  221. Diver Panic--How to Overcome?
  222. AOW certification
  223. Practice or Learn Dive Tables
  224. Rescue Training - CPR Certification
  225. anyone done AOW with scubatoys
  226. Pricing Seems Odd to Me....Nitrox
  227. weight loss and buoyancy
  228. Wanted to be a dive master...
  229. Attn: If you have gotten your Rescue cert through ST
  230. Nitrox Training Question
  231. Operating power inflator while reading computer???
  232. logistics of weighting test
  233. Vavle all the way on or back a 1/4 turn
  234. What is the Most Stupidest Thing You've Done While Diving?
  235. Handicapped Scuba buddy
  236. Great day in a pool on the beach in NYC
  237. what would you do?
  238. Rescue Class??
  239. Equalizing your ears for all new divers.
  240. Cam Buckle Assembly Instructions
  241. Scientific diving
  242. Nitrox Or AOW
  243. PADI AOW and Deep Diver
  244. Padi deep diver book
  245. NEW SCUBA website to review Dive Professionals
  246. Challenging Emergency Scenarios
  247. Cold Water Diving
  248. Win $100 Amazon Voucher By Giving Us Some Diving Feedback....
  249. Poison ivy
  250. Should we have new rules for flying after diving?