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  1. Not a diver, yet
  2. Delayed SMB and Reel
  3. You're outta here!
  4. how to get a good instructor??
  5. Test the water or jump Feet First?
  6. OW training question?
  7. Is this normal!?!? - Navigation vs. Guided
  8. Weight belt with Weight integrated on OW course.
  9. BC Question
  10. How's your bouyancy?
  11. Air or Nitrox??
  12. Have fun..........
  13. breathing...
  14. Equipment repair classes
  15. Tables VS Computer Diving.
  16. Slow time certification deals?
  17. Two New SCUBA Divers
  18. Swim tests for certification
  19. How do you clean your ears?
  20. Scuba's a Journey...The wife that wouldn't quit
  21. LDS vs Independent
  22. Beginner Diver, any tips, tricks?
  23. So How Did We Do?
  24. Age of new diver
  25. sqeeze
  26. Wreck Diving Certification - in Dallas??
  28. How's Your Finning?
  29. Finning techniques
  30. Communal Rinse Bucket For Your Mask
  31. How's your confidence?
  32. SAC Rate calculations
  33. Logging Dives Exceeding Rec Dive Tables?
  34. PADI vs. NAUI Dive Tables?
  35. UPDATE! - Oh, for the love of my stupid ears!
  36. B-W-R-A-F Whats your favorite mnemonic ?
  37. Dive Planning
  38. PADI Divemaster Swim Test Times
  39. PPB with rental BC?
  40. Classes that don't exist, but should
  41. SSI vs. PADI
  42. ST Nitrox Class in September
  43. Learning from experiences?
  44. Mastering Buoyancy skills
  45. What's the best class you took since OW and why?
  46. Cleaning gear after a dive
  47. Scubatoys OW Class
  48. Scoliosis and Scuba Diving....
  49. Pre-Dive Brief Contents
  50. What is an ideal buddy like?
  51. Currency Requirements
  52. What was the best dive you did?
  53. Scubatoys intensive training?
  54. AOW Prerequisites
  55. So how did you get interested in diving?
  56. In your pool session, how deep was your pool?
  57. How much does it cost to run a OW class
  58. Scuba Diving Myths
  59. What advice would you give to..
  60. Equipment technicians
  61. Nitrox
  62. Darwin Awards
  63. NAUI Equivalent of PADI's Master Scuba Diver?
  64. Do You Want ST to Offer NAUI TA, DM, and Instructor Courses?
  65. Low Air Fills
  66. What are the NAUI swim requirements
  67. Different certifications and training
  68. Glossary Reference
  69. Equalization Problem
  70. How to un-stink boots
  71. mustache Wax ?
  72. Vote: SAC "emergency" factor for planning
  73. drift diving, shore diving, boat diving... I'm so confused!
  74. how should I get started
  75. What do you do in Winter when you can't scuba?
  76. How to get your friends/partner interested in Scuba?
  77. Feelings about NITROX?
  78. Black Friday at Scuba Stores?
  79. Certification Differences????
  80. Ice Diving
  81. Drinking (water) While Diving
  82. DAN courses, are they worth it??
  83. Frog Kick
  84. sudden boyency at 15'
  85. 200 mts/yards? I can't do it!
  86. what an instructor has taught you
  87. DAN Insurance
  88. PADI Safety Stop Information?
  89. What is have you learned since you started diving?
  90. Training, Training, and more Training
  91. Dive Chart
  92. What to do???
  93. When you are fishing with buddies...how do you get them to STAY WITH YOU in low vis?
  94. Diving when it is raining / thunderstorm
  95. Best newbie books
  96. Did you put in a lot of thought before choosing where to get certified?
  97. Emergengy Situations to Practice in Pool?
  98. Dan Tags?
  99. SSI / PADI / NAUI certification
  100. What Should I do?
  101. What have you done to help your diving?
  102. nitrogen narcosis
  103. YMCA OW Certified
  104. Nitrox Certification
  105. Mask off breathing underwater
  106. Diving By Yourself
  107. Motivation
  108. Safety Sausage
  109. What items are best bought from local store
  110. Do you ever practice ditching your weights?
  111. What mm booties?
  112. water tread?
  113. Dry Suit Specialty..
  114. What about snorkelers
  115. Nitrox Diving Instruction
  116. How well do you know your dive tables
  117. How Many Cards?
  118. Dizzy while diving
  119. Can't wait to dive...
  120. I am worried about my wife.
  121. do I need the doc's signature?
  122. Questions to ask for Advanced cert.
  123. Picture for folder?
  124. What do we expect in the first day of Training...
  125. How long the water stays warm before winter...
  126. PADI equipment specialty
  127. Diver's Ear Video
  128. Padi, Naui...
  129. Question on Divemaster wages...
  130. HUGE Freakin' Problem here
  131. What Divers Should Practice.
  132. Octo-Inflators
  133. EFR, First Aid, Oxygen Class
  134. Best Diving related books?
  135. Dive buddies... Asset or liability?
  136. Foggy Vision After Dive
  137. What was your most "troubling" training exercise?
  138. Master Scuba Diver
  139. Reverse Squeeze and Sinus Squeeze
  140. Is it just me?
  141. Has Anyone Taken the PADI Wreck Diver Course?
  142. SNUBA and aquainting a child to diving
  143. Rescue Diver Course
  144. Rocks are your friends!
  145. Embarassing Training incidents.
  146. Can your air be to dry?
  147. Best Wreck/enclosed courses
  148. Hand signals and counting
  149. Dizziness on Ascent
  150. TMJ & Scuba - Any Solutions?
  151. Night Diver Specialty
  152. need opinions on gear for a new diver
  153. Nitrox Pro's and Cons?
  154. Difference between Certification Agencies
  155. Certifications in Miami
  156. Online Nitrox Certification??
  157. Scuba Divers of America?
  158. Doing Advanced and Nitrox next month
  159. Advice
  160. Stickies for Class Requirements/Expectations??
  161. Dives vs. Hours
  162. cert help
  163. What class should I take?
  164. ST package
  165. Learning to breathe better?
  166. Best advice you may not hear in training!
  167. Underwater Photography
  168. Got C - Card - but...
  169. General Discover Dive Question
  170. Your 08' Dive Training Plans
  171. What Did You See That Your Buddy(s) Missed?
  172. Finning techniques
  173. whats so wrong with...
  174. Where to go from here?
  175. Mask on Forehead
  176. how deep then do we need to do safety stop?
  177. When do you start or stop calculating your bottom time?
  178. How to use a jon line?
  179. Cozumel Scuba Training
  180. last-minute Charlotte or South Florida SSI certification
  181. DAN
  182. What course did you get the most out of?
  183. A+ for ScubaToys
  184. Getting fins on and off
  185. PADI vs NAUI Training
  186. What is a padi Pic card
  187. Question for NAUI instructors
  188. Nitrox
  189. Resue diver- worth it?
  190. Rebreather training
  191. Scubaboard or Scubatoys?
  192. A not so friendly response I received from SB
  193. GUE courses in Oregon?
  194. Hand signals resources?
  195. What's my next step?
  196. Salt water variations and weighting
  197. Boat-Im sure this has been asked before
  198. Tips and advise for a better and safer dive
  199. Doubles Training / Cert?
  200. Another Believer
  201. Poll: Are you a water person?
  202. Altitude Specialty - Is it worth it??
  203. why Master Diver?
  204. Sharks???
  205. Uncertified Diver
  206. Adventure diver???
  207. Playing with your SAC
  208. Ear Clearing...The best info I have found.
  209. Training - how times have changed
  210. Things you should practice for, or at least think about.
  211. Worst Dive of the Year?
  212. AOW & Narcosis
  213. diving catalina
  214. Teaching Dive Tables
  215. How do I Sling a Pony.
  216. Bonne Terre Mine Rescue Course
  217. What is This?
  218. Happy New Year - Be Safe
  219. PADI 5 Star
  220. Dui Dog Days?
  221. Sherwood or Zeagle octo
  222. Learning finning techniques
  223. Dallas Pool Training
  224. What Makes a Good Buddy?
  225. Ice Diver manual
  226. My Diary of Scuba.com
  227. How Deep Do You Go?
  228. Dive Flag or Not???
  229. bp/w
  230. Wishes for your agency
  231. Training plans 2008
  232. Buoyancy class...pool or open water?
  233. Handy chart.........
  234. Project Aware
  235. Underwater navigation course
  236. Where to get good prices on PADI books
  237. AOW training
  238. Ymca Divemaster
  239. Good SAC rate???
  240. M values
  241. Do you dive with EAN...
  242. Dive Control Specialist a.k.a. assistant to the instructor
  243. Out of air situations
  244. Online Master Diver Quiz
  245. Fresh versus salt water considerations
  246. What is yalls thought on this view of diving?
  247. Why Dive Nitrox?
  248. What's your essential dive gear for ocean dives?
  249. Metric System
  250. Stupid Question