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  1. Noob diver questions
  2. Roll call OW lake July 14/15
  3. Who's your favorite diving buddy?
  4. AOW
  5. Free Table Tutor Software
  6. 3 Minute Safety Stop
  7. Target SAC Rates....
  8. NAUI OW Workbook Dive Table Questions
  9. Newbie with floaty feet..
  10. What's a normal SAC in heavy current?
  11. Better diving tips
  12. Any IDEA divers our there?
  13. C-Card
  14. Help! Equalization Problems
  15. Newbie: gauges or computer
  16. clearing the ear methods
  17. PADI OW class in Vietnamese.
  18. What to expect in 50' of water?
  19. Can't wait to dive.
  20. Max Depth?
  21. Referral dives - Prices, #, time required
  22. Dealing with a Free Flowing Regulator
  23. AOW as good experience?
  24. OW course price
  25. Tell me about Drift Diving???
  26. What course to take after Open Water?
  27. OW Diver "grey area": Safe vs. Unsafe
  28. SSI final OW certification - what to expect
  29. Best Advice by Instructor not Covered in Manual
  30. Advice on adopting some DIR setups
  31. failed open water
  32. Buoyancy Issues!!!
  33. Speciality Courses
  34. Improving SAC rate?!
  35. Now I'm one of the PROUD!!!
  36. My Secret Public OW Class Journal - Day 1
  37. Controlling Anxiety
  38. Discover Scuba Diving...positive or negative experience?
  39. Cold weather OW training?
  40. Anxious and excited: Tomorrow is OW diving
  41. NAUI or PADI?
  42. Advanced OW Course
  43. PADI Dive Table Question
  44. PADI eLearning
  45. How do you determine Visability?
  46. 3-Buddy diving technique
  47. Take the A.G.E. quiz.
  48. Clarification on course pricing
  49. Task loading or ?
  50. OW Course Book
  51. How to fail your open water test
  52. OW Review Dive Table Question - Please help
  53. OW at the Crater in UT?
  54. Is it worth it to dive Nitrox?
  55. Only one person certified this weekend.
  56. Pressure on Back after surgery
  57. Good Scuba Books
  58. I just got my SSI OW Cert. this weekend!
  59. Signed up for NAUI OW
  60. depth limits for OW?
  61. Help!!
  62. Got certified in the cold water
  63. Dive Log Questions
  64. Gear suggestions
  65. Finally got my cert!
  66. Green newbie looking for OW cert
  67. SDI Certification Card Question ...
  68. YMCA Open Water cert test
  69. Physical Requirements
  70. CREW/TEAM 1510 completes PADI OW
  71. Peak Performance Buoyancy or full AOW
  72. Bouyancy in Fresh vs Salt Water
  73. Certification Card Timeframe?
  74. Assistance/Suggestions for a single skill
  75. Weight questions...
  76. Survived..... CSSP OW 7/13-7/14
  77. Help
  78. ouch
  79. Congradulations to the Newest Open Water Divers
  80. Free flowing regulator question....
  81. Table tutor software on here
  82. weird question
  83. Thanks Vercingetorix
  84. gearing up for padi open water
  85. Fluctuating depth gauge
  86. Pool Diver Specialty Card!
  87. Weight Issue
  88. Texas Towing dive flag in lakes? "laws"??
  89. you need a spool?
  90. How to improve the air consumption
  91. Air time in Tanks
  92. Trying to encourage my wife to take her OW
  93. OW - then what
  94. What if you forget to deflate your bcd on ascending?
  95. Extreme dizziness during dive
  96. Starting my open water classes on Friday
  97. Ok, sittin here with my mask half-full with water and its still foggin?
  98. OW Cert. Dives
  99. OW, but I can't swim into sisko the shark? or the plane? at CSSP
  100. A must? to dive a plan? and plan a dive?
  101. Trouble With Fins
  102. One Thing You Wish You Would Have Learned
  103. Fin Technique
  104. Hitting the lake before finishing basic skills?
  105. Safety Stop Depth
  106. What Makes a Buddy "Good"?
  107. Doing OW dives tommorrow
  108. Compass Navigation
  109. SMB question...
  110. Valhalla missle silo for training?
  111. An Exercise For Reducing No-Mask Anxiety
  112. getting started
  113. buying first gear
  114. do resort course give the basics
  115. Jan. OW @ Scubatoys
  116. Vacation Check Out Dives
  117. OW photos from February
  118. Discover Scuba Class (aka Dive Buddy Bait class)
  119. looking for a scuba diving cours
  120. Open Water Course Next Year
  121. New OW diver!
  122. Dallas for Mem Day weekend and my fiancee needs to get certified!
  123. PADI vs. NAUI
  124. I have a few ?'s about NAUI
  125. Completed my OW!
  126. Pre learning
  127. I want some pool time
  128. Safety of newly certified divers
  129. Quick question about tanks
  130. pressure and headaches after diving
  131. Congrats to ST OW Class 07/12/09
  132. Beginners Mistakes
  133. weight removal for OW
  134. fins or no fins
  135. No SAC Calc in PADI OW?
  136. No safety stop during dives
  137. AOW class
  138. View of "deep" and "scary" changing over time?
  139. PADI OW Complete - St Croix, Cane Bay
  140. Padi test problem with facemask off
  141. Padi Exam
  142. Navy Dive Tables/SSI Review Question
  143. DIR diveing
  145. headaches and using too much air
  146. New Divers.
  147. Light feet??
  148. Open Water Cert begins tomorrow
  149. how do you label your gear?
  150. Certified!
  151. YA!!! I'm certified
  152. OW Class Needed in Tulsa
  153. How do you not breathe through your nose while SCUBA diving?
  154. The Card is mine!!!
  155. Going Diving!
  156. Had my fist uncomfortable dive last night,
  157. Air Hogs
  158. Stick a fork in me, I'm DONE!
  159. hi altitude diving " confused "
  160. Need advise on whether to take resort course or jump to certification
  161. CESA drills please explain
  162. Unable to "Sink"
  163. Thread for my general questions regarding training
  164. I have a diving issue
  165. Can I shallow Dive morning before I fly?
  166. OW and Nitrox together?
  167. Cross Training
  168. Padi swim test change?
  169. Questions???
  170. Best Place for Open Water Certification in NYC
  171. OW for the wife and kid saga
  172. swim test?
  173. Training prior to OW class.
  174. Completion Dives in Jamaica?
  175. does a divers boat locator exist?
  176. Dive gear
  177. Refresher course?
  178. Maui swim test
  179. A bit of trouble staying at depth
  180. Nervous
  181. Sorry
  182. D-Day
  183. Experience
  184. NASE vs PADI cert
  185. Average open water fee
  186. Hard to draw primary
  187. Stomach and chest issues while diving