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  1. CHUM meeting tonight
  2. Seemed like we needed this.
  3. Once upon a reef? What's your favorite Scuba Tale?
  4. cummings66 our first Grouper!
  5. Sharks
  6. I've got a story and lesson
  7. Conspiracy Theory...
  8. What are you gonna order with your $50 for 250?
  9. Foods to avoid before diving?
  10. Water temperatures
  11. FBI alert???
  12. FBI alert????
  13. Seasickness
  14. Donating my 50.00 ST card (when I get it).
  15. ScubaToys T-Shirts
  16. Dave Shaw
  17. Movies like Open Water...
  18. Had my first scuba related accomplishment today!
  19. scuba.com "BOO!" scubatoys "YIPPEE!!!"
  20. When Did You Feel Like A Diver?
  21. Wreck Diving?
  22. Bad things you've seen divers do
  23. Found Something?
  24. My eye opener
  25. What oceanic creature do you fear in the water?
  26. Scuba Magazines?
  27. Do You Consider Scuba To Be An Extreme Sport?
  28. My son, the diver
  29. What is it about fresh water?
  30. Are you a Dan member?
  31. Bad Day
  32. Zebra Mussels
  33. How often?
  34. Freshwater vs. Bluewater Diving
  35. The "downside" of not buying your reg from the LDS
  36. This is dedicated in wonder
  37. Passing the Time?
  38. Rebreathers, Dive Boats, and You
  39. Rebreather training
  40. Not on your life!
  41. Whats your Poison
  42. Events?
  43. Depth
  44. Fish ID
  45. Replacement C-card?
  46. watch vid. and tell me what is going on
  47. EtherFill 5000
  48. Neptune II full-face mask
  49. Funnies
  50. You Decide!
  51. should i have said something?
  52. What is your favorite brand of Reg.?
  53. Your favourite dive??
  54. If you think CSSP Perch ar agressive...
  55. So what if my mask is on my forehead - dmdoss
  56. Discovery Channel Shark Week
  57. Ran aground
  58. why dont sea mamals need to decompres?
  59. Free Diving
  60. Anyone used the pro-ear mask?
  61. What's After Grouper?
  62. Riding
  63. LDS vs. Internet
  64. Nearsighted
  65. Lost Tusca Zoom Fin
  66. Help, I'm addicted to the New ST forum.
  67. Testing
  68. Computerized Dive Tables
  69. Diving at night...is it creepy?
  70. What's the "end all" dive trip for you?
  71. "Dived" or "Dove"??
  72. Top or bottom (during lightning storm)
  73. Has anyone ever purchased a Body Glove wetsuit?
  74. Diving in your grey years
  75. What Would You Like Scubatoys to Carry?
  76. Diving Cinema
  77. Do you guys feed the fish?
  78. Snuba
  79. Why dating makes me laugh
  80. Is ScubaToys a cult?
  81. Who all here has/had diving parents? a.k.a. it's in the DNA!
  82. So How Cool Is This?
  83. Help, we're going in!
  84. Dressing Room option on Store Cam
  85. Larry - How about a new discount for newlyweds?
  86. Mount Everest of diving?
  87. scubatoys price match
  88. Please stop with the Joe bashing....
  89. What makes a good charter?
  90. Stupid Diver Tricks
  91. So why not a MEN only sub-forum?
  92. Who has the most posts per day?
  93. Chat night
  94. Why did you learn to dive?
  95. Have You Fallen Asleep at Depth?
  96. Let's Hear It! Post Some Of Your Favorite Wreck Dives
  97. Scuba Industry
  98. Donating Gift Certificates Deadline!
  99. A close call and what I learned. The boat that hit me.
  100. Touching Story.
  101. diver sets new world record
  102. A little disturbing
  103. Vote for next chat night.
  104. Chat night
  105. Replacement c-cards why so much?
  106. ASD/AOW at Lake Travis August 11-12
  107. Newly Certified
  108. Is there a danger? Should air divers analyze thieir gas?
  109. Fin Faster, I hear Banjos!
  110. Surface Interval activities - what's OK and not?
  111. Another Gear Give Away!! What's wrong with this picture?
  112. Project Aware Clean Up Dives
  113. Practical Jokes for divers. Whose got some?
  114. Ever have one of those days?
  115. Roles and responsibilities of Buddy
  116. Scuba sports
  117. Does anyone ever just break out a tank of nitrox or pure O2 just to enjoy a little...
  118. Husband taking "Discover Scuba" this weekend!
  119. Monster bug caught in New England waters
  120. Chat night 8 CST
  121. Any one listen to Scuba Radio?
  122. Gear
  123. Cuttlefish are cool...
  124. FOX News Story on CSSP
  125. Do You Wear A Snorkel for Recreational Dives?
  126. So if you could live anywhere...
  127. My Girlfreind wants to dive with me but....
  128. Your equipment manuals
  129. Save Sharks
  130. just say hi
  131. I wish
  132. Free trip to Vanuatu!!!
  133. My parcel's nearly here .... !
  134. diving with asthma
  135. Preparing daughter for OW course
  136. can a deal be had?
  137. its being taken over...
  138. Do you dive Nitrox?
  139. Accident at the Oriskany
  140. Do You Pee In Your Wetsuit?
  141. Hello, My name is Larry, I am an Air Pig...
  142. Will video.
  143. Does gear bring instant credibility?
  144. The World's Only Scuba Diving Cat
  145. Octopus Finds Lost Treasure
  146. Oh My God Thats Gross!
  147. Matt Johnston - Scuba Diving Dream
  148. THEE must have scuba accessory for the PETCO diver!
  149. i feel stupid but..
  150. Who Kayak Dives?
  151. What Time Does the UPS Guy Show Up At ScubaToys?
  152. What is it about diving that you love?
  153. Patches? We don't need no stinkin' patches!
  154. DiveHeart
  155. quick question
  156. just pulled the trigger
  157. Garbage and the Litter Bugs
  158. see ya'll in a week
  159. Do you let others use your equipment?
  160. Underwater maps
  161. Oxygen Toxicity: What's the Real Story?
  162. Stillness Illness?
  163. THE REASON? why do you do it?
  164. Scubatoys this weekend!
  165. Our lake is "turning-over"
  166. Do I celebrate 250 posts?
  167. A Tale of Two Wrecks
  168. How Thorough Is Your Buddy Check?
  169. Things I must do before I die......
  170. Best New
  171. BEST
  172. How did you come up with your screen name?
  173. Folks, I think we need another ST intervention
  174. Luxury pastimes
  175. WOW What a ride it's been, Part 1
  176. where will you be sept 15th?
  177. September 15th - The Real Deal
  178. Looking to buy a BC
  179. new package is it right for me
  180. Wow What a ride it's been Part 2
  181. Air consumption and DCS?
  182. Wow What a ride it's been part 3
  183. How to fix a wetsuit??
  184. newby accessories
  185. Drinking Water underwater?
  186. Why I enjoy this forum so much.....
  187. Should Diving Be Regulated?
  188. This Is Not Good
  189. accessories package ATTN: JOE AND LARRY
  190. ease the sting/ what is your remedy>
  191. Favorite Dive Related Magazine??
  192. Ever Eat Sea Urchin?
  193. Ranger vs Brigade
  194. Aries xt
  195. Tech Diving
  196. Shark Attack
  197. Second Shark Attack In The news Today
  198. Wow What a ride it's been Finale
  199. Urine v Coral
  200. Two Miles down
  201. Bought First Item From ST
  202. What on earth is: AAUS certified??
  203. Which name do you prefer...?
  204. divers living under water for two weeks
  205. Any Good Dive Blogs Out There?
  206. Anyone Dived Jules Undersea Lodge?
  207. Did you see that shark?
  208. Riding a Great White Shark
  209. Moray Eels have 2nd jaw...
  210. Underwater city uncovered?
  211. Rebreathers...
  212. Animals in Captivity
  213. Ocean Men
  214. preasant for me when i got home!
  215. Boat dive etiquites ???
  216. "Sharkman"
  217. Masks Life span
  218. RE: ST Party
  219. Shark Myths vs. Facts
  220. Why I hate scuba diving
  221. My Feet Sink
  222. 250th Post - Yah
  223. Stobe lights and sharks?
  224. What Gear do you.......
  225. Overcoming my greatest fear.... underwater!
  226. feeding fish
  227. SeaDoo Help
  228. Whale shot with a machine gun
  229. I was right and hubby was wrong!!!
  230. on line sources
  231. Masks
  232. Inflatable v. Kayak?
  233. Ranger vs Tech
  234. Salt or Fresh water?
  235. A rare pink, albino dolphin...
  236. Piranha on Steroids
  237. how do you store your gear?
  238. How long a wait after illness?
  239. Good news..........Bad news
  240. Training Question
  241. Free Newbie Advice
  242. best way to.....
  243. How religious are you keeping your dive log?
  244. BC lift
  245. I want to win the best post of the month.
  246. I have a real cool dive trick.
  247. bc question
  248. close encounters?
  249. trip to my LDS
  250. What are the rules for dive operators and certification level?