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  2. Whoo hoo....
  3. Scubatoys Black Friday Roll Back!
  4. Dive Alert Recall
  5. Toys for Tots Raffle and Giveaway.
  6. There are still two ways to be a winner. Don't miss out!
  7. No DOG DAYS this year for Clear Springs.
  8. Oceanic Screamin Deals from Scubatoys!
  9. Black Friday!!! Scubatoys.com!!! Black Friday!!!!
  10. Scubatoys DEMO Blowout!
  11. Like us on Facebook! Scubatoys has a new Facebook page!
  12. How to choose a wetsuit for diving! Part 1 (Scubatoys Blog!)
  13. How to choose a wetsuit for diving! Part 2 (Scubatoys Blog!)
  14. I'm Certified to dive, so why bother taking more courses? (Scubatoys Blog!)
  15. PlatypusMan is back!
  16. Happy Veterans Day!
  17. Scubatoys Sales Are Coming!
  18. Happy Thanks Giving everybody!
  19. Black Friday Deals Galore!
  20. Get a Free $500 Scubatoys Gift Certificate.