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  1. Weight Loss Problems
  2. Bypass
  3. I think I have an ear infection
  4. Am I ok to go diving tomorrow
  5. amazing how our eatting habits can change
  6. Rotator cuff.
  7. Vibrio
  8. Injuries and Illness Updates
  9. Man this getting old sucks!
  10. Medical question.
  11. Diving after Lung work?
  12. Something funny is going on with my ears :o
  13. ear question
  14. Wish me luck...
  15. Twinkies
  16. The big lie.
  17. Road Cycling
  18. How soon is too soon? (Redo)
  19. US surgeon General says...
  20. Mental Fitness as a Possible Dive Buddy
  21. getting narced and not being able to dive deep
  22. Insanity
  23. Personal Training for Military Co-op
  24. Ear problem solution offered and dive site info
  25. punching bag for fitness
  26. Getting ready for my PADI AOW check out dives soon, how strenous?
  27. Rising Up, Or Not-Advice Needed
  28. swimming
  29. PSA for PSA (and Beyond)
  30. Weight training and calmness
  31. Shape Magazine Article on Diving and Fitness
  32. Not that I am a marathon runner...
  33. Physical-Mental-Emotional ability in the water.
  34. Diving with Asthma
  35. Diving with a silly friend
  36. Question on Nitrox
  37. how would you feel about this
  38. Diving after a cerebral aneurysm
  39. Full foot fin for laps
  40. Fitness and SAC
  41. Recovery from groin pull
  42. Rehabing for diving
  43. Rescue Diver Physical Requirements
  44. Tulsa Tough
  45. Diving and Diabetes
  46. DR visit