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  1. what size nut driver to adjust mares metal proton?
  2. How to affix Apollo Spring Straps?
  3. Test Bench
  4. Inflator hose compatibility?
  5. Wifes Envoy Freeflowing
  6. Broken BC frame
  7. Replace Reg Hose
  8. Aeris Atmos2 missing thingie
  9. Aeris Atmos Elite
  10. Computer Down! - US Divers
  11. Atomic Reg servicing
  12. Changing Lenses Mares X-Vision
  13. Servicing doubles manifold
  14. Subduck
  15. Oceanic Delta 4 with longhose?
  16. How do I stop a freeflow on Mares Rebel Octo?
  17. Leaky Bladder (BC)
  18. Basic Maintenance
  19. A request for Larry and Joe:
  20. sticky air dump valve in my Oceanic BC
  21. Mares Brigade Viper Octo
  22. How to adjust my regulators
  23. Ok, ST, here's what I want
  24. Knots!
  25. Need special tool to unscrew the yoke out?
  26. dive rite nitek software
  27. squealing reg...causes or suggestions?
  28. Yearly Service
  29. How do I neutralize pool chlorine?
  30. Depth gauge problem
  31. Loose Velcro
  32. [Thup Thup Thup] while inhaling
  33. Aeris Atmos Pro Free Flow
  34. Old BCD Repair
  35. "fog" in SPG
  36. Probably a dumb question but...
  37. torque on first stage
  38. Mask Issue
  39. Cressi BCD Deflator Sticking
  40. How does one get certified to service their own equipment?
  41. can anyone recommend a mail order reg service shop?
  42. Water in Depth Gauge
  43. Replacing Hose / o-rings: when to use lubricant?
  44. Sand in everywhere...
  45. Removing corrosion on power inflator
  46. Oceanic Zeta
  47. Strip a Mares Abyss ?
  48. reg an console problem
  49. Cleaning regs. after time out of salt water
  50. Task loading
  51. Mares Icon BCD Question - Please Help
  52. Scuba tools
  53. Mare Abyss free flowing
  54. dacor gauge/computer question
  55. Assembling Reg, Computer, and Octo
  56. Converting to DIN
  57. Problem with SPG HP hose
  58. OMS Backpad with OMS SS Backplate
  59. Personal Save-A-Dive Kit
  60. corregated rubber hose on BC broke
  61. Adjusting Intermediate Pressure
  62. Sticking Power Inflator Zeagle
  63. Rusting Knife
  64. Advice on installing a compass onto a Mares MC2
  65. O-ring help needed
  66. Atomic Z1 chrome peeling off 1st stage
  67. Water in First Stage
  68. Making my own tank banger.....
  69. Can't fit 1st stage over K-valve
  70. Mares BCD - Slight Leak
  71. Sealife Camera-- white display screen
  72. Compressor iblowing up...
  73. Neoprene questions
  74. how do I clean my depth gauge
  75. Hose leaking at SPG connection
  76. Small Bubbles coming from octopus and inflator/deflator
  77. Patching a Henderson Hyperstretch
  78. Fixing tear in full foot fin???
  79. Cousteau BC
  80. Depth Guage malfunc
  81. Light cuts out
  82. Need bleed valve parts
  83. flah diffusion plate
  84. Mares Poppet Pin / V32 First Stage
  85. Water in my pressure gauge.
  86. Tool question, Mares MR12T
  87. How much does your LDS charge for service
  88. Regulator Service Manuals Online
  89. O Ring size of Oceanic VEO100
  90. LP Hose 250 vs 400 psi rating
  91. How to conect HP/LP hoses
  92. repair pinholes in Ranger Bladder
  93. caniballising snorkel pieces
  94. Scubapro MK25, R390 second stage problem
  95. Scratches on dive computer face
  96. Halcyon light repair/mods
  97. Getting around Barracuda Filters....
  98. high pressure hose for wireless transmitter
  99. Green Stuff on Reg's
  100. Knife Mount
  101. pins on masks
  102. dead battery
  103. VR3 errors
  104. Oh NO! What did I DO?
  105. how much weight?
  106. moldy wet suite
  107. Water in my SPG
  108. LP Inflator Hose
  109. bc inflator sticks
  110. Frozen Pro Valve Insert
  111. SPG needle stuck at 50o
  112. DIN conversion for Mares MR12
  113. Save a dive kit
  114. Nitrox & Silicone Grease
  115. Poorly Stocked LDS Repair Bench
  116. Lubing threads on hoses
  117. Oceanic Data Plus
  118. Automic Aquatics fin repair
  119. Non-vented hood- how do I vent it
  120. Equalization problems
  121. New diver got nose bleed
  122. Oceanic Geo OceanLog settings upload
  123. Dacor viper tec regulator rebuild kits
  124. Miflex with Atomic SS1
  125. regulator service phobia
  126. Allen Wrench for Sea&Sea Fiber Cable
  127. weighting problems
  128. inflator repair for old Sherwood BC inflator
  129. Suunto Usb to dive computer download cable
  130. lp inflator hose
  131. pressure and headache after diving
  132. Amphibico Camera Housing
  133. Atom 2.0 dive watch temp. malfunction
  134. sunnto cobra batteries
  135. Seaquest Spectrum 2
  136. CRAP! broke my Dive Rite bulb...fix?
  137. old dive rite wreck canister with lead battery want NMHI
  138. Sherwood Wisdom problem
  139. Computer wont shut off after dive
  140. Wisdom computer battery problem
  141. Mares Cold Water Kit?
  142. Tusa IQ 800
  143. Save-A-Dive Kit
  144. How to remove the purge valve in the mask?
  145. neck seal of a wet suit
  146. Fix DVT to Oceanic PX3 first stage!
  147. how do I replace the slider part of a zipper on a Mares wetsuit
  148. OMS SMB - will not inflate, sometimes
  149. my hose is too short, inflator that is(LOL)
  150. Mask glass popped out
  151. Are BCDs supposed to leak a little air?
  152. Beuchat Cavaler 1st stage disassembly?
  153. Hooking Up a Dive Computer
  154. aeris xr1nx battery changing help
  155. O ring lube
  156. Freeflow from secondary after moving it to new first stage
  157. Strap
  158. Nylon webbing repair
  159. Compressor Owners ... PLEASE!
  160. Mares Airlab Backlight
  161. repair bladder seam or alter a bc
  162. Can you patch a wetsuit?
  163. Computer Service Question
  164. smelly reg...
  165. US DIVER SCAN 4 computer
  166. Lost weight - BCD too big
  167. Zealge Ranger
  168. Wetsuit repair
  169. New Out of the Box Ikelite Dive Light
  170. Seaquest pro QD zipper
  171. Aquaseal UV - Report
  172. Drysuit hole repair
  173. Suunto Companion Dive Computer
  174. hot tub/spa
  175. having a little trouble...
  176. Uwatec Aladin Prime Wrist Computer
  177. Patching a SMB (Safety Sausage)
  178. battery change for aladin sport dc
  179. Correct Knot to Tie a Boltsnap to a LIght
  180. corrosion on HP hose?
  181. Odd regulator position...maybe??...help
  182. how to remove corrosion from BC (Zeagle Ranger) grommets?
  183. Dry suit Pockets
  184. How to fix a small hole in Seasoft Weight Belt's neoprene?
  185. Two dive computers, different algorithms
  186. VT PRO removel
  187. Replacement SPG for Mares Mission Puck 3
  188. Tears in wetsuit's spine pad
  189. Mako DPV wiring
  190. Nautilus Underwater Propulsion System ???
  191. Scubapro R108HP seat.
  192. URGENT: can't remove the battery from Ikelite DS160 substrobe
  193. How to connect new battery, UB1280, to Sea Doo Scooter Dolphin?
  194. O-rings for a Sea Doo Dolphin Scooters. Anyone know a generic source? Or the size?
  195. Seaquest PRO qd bc inflator
  196. 1st stage leak
  197. Oceanic Dx4 environmental rebuild kit
  198. Genesis The Source Computer Battery Replacement...
  199. Assembling Regulator Hoses
  200. Valve install issue
  201. Suunto usb cable wiring photo?
  202. Peeling Knee pads
  203. Stuck shoulder deflator valve
  204. New Aeris A300 CS - won't turn on after firmware update
  205. Aeris A300CS Help
  206. Mares Dragon replacement inflator
  207. Stuck Zipper
  208. Dissasembling my console
  209. Scuba Regulator Repair and Maintenance
  210. Mask still fogging Try this
  211. Canon G15 & Nauticam housing
  212. O-ring needed for 1/2 inch tapered thread valve