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  1. Size DOES Matter
  2. What to buy next!
  3. I'm such an idiot...
  4. LDS Closing - Dang It!!
  5. Help with Malware
  6. Black Balled at local LDS PADI's response (or lack there of)
  7. Packing under 50 lbs...
  8. Non-Diving Water Bodies
  9. I am so over it!
  10. Furniture Store Salesperson
  11. stupid boat show
  12. Can't find my pickle. It is hard
  13. Fate or REALLY BAD LUCK!
  14. ST Training Calendar
  15. Answers on threads
  16. teaching my son wrong things.....
  17. Empty ST Shopping Cart
  18. Where's the Honor
  19. Regulator service
  20. Too long!
  21. Barnacle buddies or lampreys
  22. It's snowing here in the NE U.S.
  23. Petition to have DIR and Tech diving separated.
  24. Bad Experience at Scuba Toys!
  25. Problems with Jason - Fantasea Dive in PDC ???
  26. Dry snorkel tried to kill me!! POS!!
  27. LDS Scam
  28. Where's the group discounts???
  29. LDS has "no idea" how much they charge for reg service!
  30. Ikelite release dates...
  31. Slightly Annoyed
  32. Used Regulator
  33. Ignored by Explorer Ventures
  34. My LDS rocks
  35. ST too cheap!
  36. ST can't get what I want
  37. Scare Tactics
  38. Software Update
  39. BS PM on Forum
  40. not everything included
  41. Kicked out of OW Class
  42. problem..I'm Ignorant
  43. this sucks......
  44. Scuba Toys Solved My Problem
  45. a holes on the web
  46. Posting question... please help
  47. Data Cables for Dive Computers...
  48. lost gear:(
  49. Rude instructor in OK
  50. Loyal Fan of Mares, now deeply disappointed :(
  51. this sucks
  52. battery change at LDS
  53. Funjet Rep was Rude, Disrespectful and Agressive
  54. Orbitz transportation rep at Cozumel
  55. Care and feeding of trolls.
  56. Scuba Toys & Oxycheq - Poor service
  57. Are your phones down?
  58. yes actually, i WOULD like some cheese with my whine
  59. safety stops
  60. gear problems
  61. Non-diving problem - need to vent
  62. Avoid SharkPoint (DreamDives) at all costs
  63. LDS - pulls the valve off my 02 tank??
  64. Scuba Toys Camera...
  65. Is Reef Photo affiliated with Fill Express?
  66. Attire trouble in resort
  67. snorkel mask
  68. ok, so new posters
  69. Return the fins or the booties???
  70. buying before cert class.
  71. Do you let dive ops wash your gear after a dive?
  72. Our Trip Money is Gone!
  73. stolen fins! grumble grumble grumble
  74. Watch out
  75. going to my lds next week...
  76. Yawn.
  77. I hate it here!
  78. Differences between training companies
  79. Is this standard protocol at LDS's
  80. Good Bye ST Forum
  81. Rude Lady
  82. Dish Network
  83. Too many whale sharks
  84. Help your LDS
  85. Leisure Pro & Aqua Lung
  86. Nekton Dive Puerto Rico
  87. OH YEAH, We forgot to tell you!
  88. Gah I wish Scuba Toys sold PADI books!
  89. My LDS is getting cranky
  90. Photo View Options
  91. Grandma thinks it's ok to block both lanes of traffic.
  92. Do not purchase from Scuba Toys
  93. Thanks Credit Card Companies
  94. I could post this as a complaint or as an attaboy!
  95. Bah, Humbug!
  96. wish list
  97. Designed by an idiot
  98. Threw up a little in my mouth today..
  99. Submission for dumbest marketing strategy of the Christmas season.
  100. ST Emails
  101. Trouble with Tank Bands
  102. Scubatoys hours
  103. So I bought a bike
  104. Princeton Tec Torrent LED
  105. so glad i went to ft laud-NOT!!
  106. Why has it slowed down?
  107. I have a problem with
  108. It's too darn cold to go diving!
  109. ST not answering my emails.
  110. Seriously Don't Ever Use Spruce Creek Scuba
  111. Waiting is the hardest part!
  112. a bit po'd
  113. Making ST idiot proof...
  114. ScubaToys Sucks, Man...
  115. Avoid American Airlines if diving in St Croix
  116. Founding Members
  117. It's been real.
  118. If you don't like what is said........
  119. I'm miserable!
  120. Tech Diving Limited
  121. Received Another Phishing Scam
  122. How to join the "Too Hot to Handle" forum
  123. So Hot!
  124. Ups Lost Package
  125. Wife has nicer fins than I do.
  126. Scuba Diving Magazine
  127. Weather Sucks
  128. A Sea of Yellow
  129. Firing my dive buddies
  130. Tank back from hydro, vis and fill
  131. You would think a 35 year old would know
  132. United States Postal Service
  133. what do you know about the nudibrunches?
  134. Why the Red Sea have this name?
  135. Trouble breathing only thru mouth
  136. Problems with threads opening
  137. Must we go through 220 more worthless posts
  138. shipwreck theft
  139. Resumes and job applications
  140. Out of Air - Movies
  141. Any body Hot (or is it just Me?)
  142. Dorcy Dive Light
  143. No email response from ST after two emails
  144. northeast hotter than florida!
  145. Philippines Post Office Thieves
  146. what is wrong with canada!!??
  147. Neon colors
  148. What happened to the store link?
  149. The new format is
  150. Diving DVD movies
  151. I want to remain a Shark
  152. anyone else tired of heatwave(s)?
  153. Friends
  154. Some respect for LuluBelle
  155. Tired of ScubaToys.....
  156. Caution, grown man whining..
  157. Pleeease tell me this has happened to you too
  158. Sherwood SR1 freeflows
  159. sinus trouble
  160. Forbidden..............access to server.............?????
  161. We B Divin' in NRH
  162. Help !!!
  163. Let's vent shall we!
  164. ScubaToys Used Gear
  165. Regs serviced
  166. Boycott this event!
  167. Awwww man!
  168. What is Scuba Toy's policy about selling regulator parts?
  169. Scuba Toys out of Stock
  170. Leisure Pro Scam?
  171. I guess this used to be .........
  172. for non members only
  173. LDS Prices
  174. eco-terrorists...
  175. Is Scubatoys.com down for anyone else tonite?
  176. Jet Blue SUCKS
  177. Lost scuba tank!! What?
  178. PADI Membership Renewal
  179. Gear ratings
  180. Dive light exploded
  181. What has Happened?
  182. PO'd at Apple
  183. My day...You can't make this crap up!
  184. Do not do this.
  185. cant send pm
  186. Kicked out of local scuba shop!
  187. Incorrect advertising of product on ST
  188. Do not use DEPP to insure your gear
  189. Dive Training Magazine - what a load of crap!!!
  190. What happened to
  191. Lovely Ladies
  192. Please Help me to raise awareness!
  193. Roller Coaster
  194. New gear from people with medical problems
  195. Take only pictures, leave only bubbles..??
  196. So confused on what went wrong!
  197. I'm confused
  198. computer class
  199. 2nd Job Needed ASAP
  200. Sigh...
  201. Does ST carry Cressi masks???
  202. No Longer VERY disapointed in Zeagle
  203. LDS may be sticking it to me
  204. Secure your crap
  205. PADI has no control on their instructors, and punishes me
  206. DEPP Insurance
  207. Problem with fills
  208. Dallas
  209. Non Scuba Related
  210. Bull Shoals Boat Dock
  211. Spring Straps for Scubapro Twin Jets Not at Scuba Toys
  212. Video: boat runs over divers and dive flags.
  213. Am I overreacting?
  214. Do you want to train me or not?
  215. Boycott the Florida keys
  216. Investing in Stocks traded on exchanges.
  217. All I want for Christmas...
  218. Japanese whaling fleet uses earthquake recovery fund
  219. How to Fix A Jumping Cursor
  220. PADI and their smartphone app
  221. New lightbulbs
  222. how come you guys cant respond to emails?
  223. How to?
  224. Heads Up re Henderson Polyolefin full suits
  225. Fool Me Once.......yeah, shame on me
  226. lost my cert card and going diving in 2 days
  227. Zeagle Brigade - Cummerbund
  228. vBulletin Message The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.
  229. Should I stop diving?
  230. Junior divers
  231. Post count.
  232. the urge to pee while diving
  233. LDS issue with Leisure Pro
  234. Birthday cake not allowed in school
  235. Insta-buddy, how do you react?
  236. Customer Service
  237. Report post icon
  238. Dive Inn www.Scubastore.com Spain Stole My Money
  239. style fix
  240. What is the time line for the upgrade?
  241. Are we done updating - Avatar?
  242. ScubaToys Frustration
  243. Hassle with an order from a DIFFERENT online dive store.
  244. Forum running slow?
  245. Texans
  246. Tec
  247. Sexist company
  248. what happened to the forum?
  249. facebook connect
  250. Order