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  1. I hate waking up.
  2. For Men Only .. Women Dont you Dare Read
  3. How deep can I go with OW and how soon?
  4. Is that a moray in your pocket/
  5. Math Help
  6. What should I wear?
  7. Cringe!
  8. Math test from Detroit, can you pass it ?
  9. Man Card Revocation Rules
  10. Best Comeback Line On Gun Safety
  11. Does Diving help you pick up women?
  12. Educational Thread
  13. Advice to men considering entering a relationship
  14. Diving cold water wet....
  15. Who is that girl?
  16. USA!
  17. Does anyone else feel sorry for Jabba the Hut?
  18. Party!!
  19. Aww man that's not right..
  20. Don't Scare yo' Momma!
  21. No air guitar
  22. For all the Dad's out there
  23. Why does my dive buddy never look like this?
  24. Australian Navy
  25. We will try this again..
  26. Need your input
  27. Computer battery
  28. Everyone likes a penguin.
  29. What do you think
  30. Three Stages of Man
  31. Not Work Safe (Ok... not supervisor safe :P)
  32. wifes asks me to buy new equipment!!!!
  33. There's Hope For The Rest of Us Men
  34. So simple...so Irish
  35. When Is She Too Old To Be A Chick?
  36. BEER Quotations
  37. When Is She Too Old To Be A Stripper?
  38. beer before diving.
  39. WHo is the nice girl in the video at the our forum page.
  40. do you act differnt.
  41. NFL News That's Not News
  42. sweet 250.
  43. I recommend cheating!
  44. Mentorship
  45. Man card in question
  46. Man Laws
  47. Women Over 40
  48. Please stop posting pictures of well endowed SCUBA chicks!
  49. AT&T Lady
  50. The Women of Fox News
  51. Smiley lines and mask issues
  52. New Tattoo
  53. Women Drink to Enjoy...well, you know
  54. Application for hurt feelings
  55. One of the Great Movies..
  56. Facial Hair
  57. So You Think You Deserve a Man Card
  58. Packers Vikings tonight!!
  59. Tony Romo
  60. Scuba Skeleton
  61. so I haven't been around much...
  62. Think she needs a dive buddy?
  63. Need Help in Identifying Topless Woman
  64. Anyone out there own any of these tools?
  65. Men Have Less Accidents than Women???
  66. Why Do People Take Risks, Especially Young Guys???
  67. Let my cousins take care of it.
  68. OSU vs UofM .. it's on!
  69. The Packman
  70. She's a Woman!
  71. Oceanic Veo 250 Upgrade
  72. Today's Inspirational Message
  73. Definition of a man
  74. Christmas Gift List for Wives
  75. Formosa Boats
  76. Why did you start SCUBA diving?
  77. Small issue
  78. Long-legged Women Are Unattractive, Science Says
  79. It's culture
  80. Games That Make Gals Look Great...
  81. 10 Things Husbands Should Never Do
  82. Beer Belt
  83. Present for Me!
  84. How About...No!!!
  85. Honey, The Doctor Prescribed It For My Heart
  86. It's just the facts.... Men are Happier
  87. You know your a diver when.
  88. The other board.
  89. GOd I had no idea how bad it would hurt.
  90. Tattoo
  91. The Biggest Pimple In the World
  92. Saint Paddy's Day
  93. biggest diver ever
  94. I Love Sean
  95. who wants to make a bet.
  96. just walked past one of the TV's
  97. And I bring you...Miss Scuba 2009
  98. Close call!
  99. Women...Be Silent and Submit to Your Men In All Things
  100. What did snow white take.
  101. Tribute to The Tiger!
  102. I figured out why I like scubatoys so much.
  103. A Simle Tale...
  104. Is it possible to recreate N Cal marine environment in a fish tank?
  105. Wow! Creepy and Wierd.
  106. Car talk Puzzler
  107. best place to get hawaiian shirts?
  108. Wait 'Til She Gets Her Claws In You
  109. Bridal Wedding Shower
  110. The Deep on Hulu.com
  111. Hire Construction Crew
  112. Why Men Shouldn't Write Advice Columns
  113. I Like Lucky Charms, Do You?
  114. McGyver Would Be Proud
  115. What do you like to smoke?
  116. Sounds Like Pr0n...
  117. Stupid words- phrase of the day
  118. So You Think You're Hard Core? THIS is Hard Core!!
  119. I must say...
  120. Robert Cummings
  121. Over in the Female Section
  122. Life insurance
  123. Need some advice please
  124. Dear Largo...
  125. Is there a dive boat model?
  126. There can be only one!!
  127. OK this creepin me out.
  128. Spartacus on Starz
  129. The line forms over there!
  130. New Man Toy
  131. MOF???
  132. Spurs or Mavs?
  133. A Cautionary Tale
  134. US allowing chicks on subs!
  135. A Man's Breakfast
  136. Body wraps are not just for women or rice burners
  137. District 13: Ultimatum !!!
  138. The Most Interesting Man in the World
  139. There is no extra charge for awesomeness...
  140. Tips for Dames
  141. missed Mother's Day
  142. The Duke and Gunsmoke
  143. Dixie Cousins!
  144. Mermaids for hire. Largo?
  145. what do you guys watch on tv
  146. Italian Pants
  147. Cool!
  148. Help with Sirloin
  149. Time to get inked
  150. 1980s actresses
  151. Pick my car
  152. Big Man
  153. getting wet after a tattoo
  154. At this moment.
  155. Aparrently, I am a homo
  156. The cute scubatoys girl
  157. M-4 is a piece of crap
  158. OK that's about enough
  159. The Top Ten Reasons Men Prefer Rifles Over Women,
  160. My wife says I need bigger equipment or she will go with someone else
  161. Help me pick a bike
  162. If I wanna bitch about a guy...
  163. First poll using new format.
  164. another bike question
  165. Tarun Taruahhh
  166. Man question (gun guys)
  167. College
  168. Hand Gun Advice
  169. webbing question
  170. Shatner
  171. I felt an incredible urge to share this:
  172. Lindsay Lohan vs. Lulu Belle
  173. Muscle Cars For Sale???
  174. Katy Perry is...
  175. Finally!
  176. So anyway...
  177. If you married...
  178. Hard time meeting women?
  179. Poll.. Hottest bikini movie girl.
  180. Guys Would you pee here?
  181. Wonder if this lodge has SCUBA?
  182. Only look if you a Monty Phthon/TV Star Trek fan.
  183. wow
  184. I like apples!
  185. Isn't Technology Wonderful
  186. Today, in headlines that write themselves....
  187. paint a gas tank on a motorcycle.
  188. Almost forgot...
  189. I am having a sudden baby carrot craving!
  190. Scoring system
  191. Anyone remember..
  192. Workout Video
  193. Got a chuckle from this.
  194. Liv Tyler. Arf Arf.
  195. This is so wrong...
  196. Scuba Toys of the gun world
  197. Wow... men acting like men in a locker room!
  198. Poll time!
  199. Bull Ride gone Right!
  200. Forced Metrosexuality?...
  201. I refuse to believe...
  202. Bear Down !
  203. Eat, Pray....
  204. Times sure have changed...
  205. what the..
  206. Getting a tatto tomorrow
  207. this is some funnys tuff.
  208. NO! Bad man, baaad, give back your man card!
  209. elevator voice
  210. well that was easy TATTOO
  211. I don't care...
  212. My Favorite Stogie is...
  213. if lights stay on for more than four hours...
  214. Sometimes I am serious..
  215. can't believe i have to ask the men a question but.....
  216. Chicks dig...
  217. Heart Attack Grill
  218. I told you
  219. Razor Saver
  220. Need Medical Advice
  221. if you
  222. I'm gonna post this..
  223. Now this is a tramp stamp!!
  224. happy b'day crimediver
  225. lemme think about this..
  226. Happy Thanksgiving!
  227. What Disney Princes Teach Men About Attracting Women
  228. the 100' club
  229. New ScubaTool at ScubaToys?
  230. Man Law Forum not SCUBA related.. football
  231. Broes Before Hoes?
  232. CPR Training Video
  233. Nerd Pick-up Lines
  234. This Thanksgiving...
  235. Once when my kid was young..
  236. Playboy - Every Issue Available on Computer
  237. Christmas decorations
  238. Lebron
  239. Chuck Norris really is a Texas Ranger...
  240. A REAL Woman
  241. Baby Jesus...Is Sacrilicious
  242. Kayaker Goes Over Waterfall
  243. "Tactical .22"
  244. A girl once told me...
  245. Married Men Behave Better According to a Study
  246. To lady man's forum stalkers, warning ! football post!
  247. American Pickers TV show
  248. nothing to say
  249. Roselyn Sanchez
  250. Beer Goggles