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  1. The chickification of this nations men...
  2. I have to get one
  3. Wanna Get Your Wife/GF/SO Ticked-Off?
  4. Christmas is around the corner...
  5. Barry Sanders was...
  6. I think most of you know I like waffles...
  7. Bad news and good news
  8. 255=ff
  9. Karate Babes in Bikinis Video Game
  10. Now Hiring Men. Must Be Able To Perform Strenuous Duties On Demand
  11. Swimmer Trapped By Beach Balls
  12. Hey Guys, Women Make-up Their Mind About You In Three Minutes
  13. Warning: Women drivers - We should be friends
  14. You Know It's True
  15. Hot Chick Ignored You, That Was Awkward
  16. Men and Women...different from birth
  17. Meagan Fox
  18. JaboOodydubs
  19. Ssar-15
  20. Well that answers the question...
  21. Police: Man arrested for having s*ex with dead woman in Washington, Ind.
  22. Hehe ask a question, but be ready for the answer.
  23. Auto Advice For The Ladies
  24. Women Compete For Men...About Dang Time!!
  25. Football is cool.
  26. hmmm... may need a little help.
  27. My New Dentist Practices In Munich
  28. Never Party Drunk and Pass Out
  29. A Real Living Doll, She Is
  30. Men's s*exual desires:::Women still don't get it
  31. Guys...Great News...Music Is As Good As Sex
  32. Guys, a little warning...
  33. Just in time for the big game
  34. Battlefield 3 Releasing Fall 2011
  35. sparticus
  36. I Think This Girl Is Singing...
  37. Want to Learn to Pick-up Chicks?
  38. Finally Scubastud posts something about water.
  39. Why I don't go out much anymore..
  40. Knockers!
  41. What style wing is this girl using?
  42. best approch asking a girl for a date
  43. hmmm maybe this feel good chick flick...
  44. Improve Your Health, Stare at Women's Breasts
  45. She's Too Good For Everyone
  46. John Glenn-Marine
  47. am I totally crazy or what
  48. Women In Boots
  49. I rarely use this word.. maybe once or twice in my life,
  50. Danggit.
  51. What's this?? Studley liking a country song?
  52. Anybody else out there use a straight razor shaving?
  53. This joke is better if...
  54. Ya know, she performs ok...
  55. Easily the biggest event of the year!
  56. You've all seen the "Rock" version.
  57. Jiggle-licious
  58. Rat Patrol!
  59. Female type girls probably wont understand but..
  60. And some people say..
  61. fighting for the one you want or settleing
  62. Need help IDing this BCD
  63. Have a llittle down time?
  64. Bigfoot did indeed exist.
  65. "adorable little phillipino" lol
  66. I got a early birthday present
  67. Short women....
  68. Victoria may have a Secret...
  69. optical illusion
  70. Women and shoes
  71. Staring at naked women makes you smarter: Study
  72. 1,000 Things You Don't Know About Women
  73. Dive Tables Explained -- NAUI and PADI
  74. Burying Previous Thread
  75. A question for the men.
  76. Waterworld: 1995 vs. 2012
  77. Do you service your own regulators?
  78. Happy birthday, Chuck
  79. Die Yet Even More Harder, Still! (2013)
  80. Will Man Destroy the World?
  81. true story
  82. Men...Don't Waste This Opportunity
  83. A Toast to a Special Day
  84. Ernest Borgnine has passed.
  85. Which Lady Do You Want to Back You In Bar Fight?
  86. Karl Pilkington
  87. New Brew Is Out
  88. Winter is Coming.
  89. The cost of frying a turkey
  90. can you spot the watch in this picture?
  91. Buddy got a new gun
  92. When it is not safe to leave the Man Laws Forum
  93. Largo...is that you????
  94. never thought I would say this but..
  95. Need help
  96. Heads Up !
  97. so I get that football on a dive vaca is a guy thing
  98. Winter's Coming..
  99. You might be an 80s man.
  100. Magnum Gear!
  101. Top 10 pickup lines for divers
  102. Woman's Logic
  103. Can't dive today
  104. THE fashion anniversary