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  1. Women Do It, Men Don't
  2. Eye balling
  3. Man Law List
  4. Simple Math Problem About Women
  5. Eight Words With Two Meanings
  6. Toilet Seats
  7. a place for guys to get in trouble?
  8. Dumped a girlfriend because she's a bad diver
  9. Why Beer is better than a woman
  10. Man Stores vs. Girly Stores
  11. Who pees in the shower...
  12. Do You Shave On the Weekends?
  13. men v.s. woman when getting dressed
  14. BEER!! (whats your choice?)
  15. UFC
  16. Farting!!! Lol
  17. God gave man brains and a penis....
  18. How Do You Get Back On Her Good Side
  19. Darwin Awards - spearfishing for giant groupers
  20. Man Law: How To Sustain A Happy Marriage/Relationship With Her
  21. them is fightin words
  22. Real Men
  23. Scotch or Whiskey for a gift?
  24. Miscommunication in the Military
  25. Original Muscle Cars Post Your Favorite
  26. Original Muscle Cars Post Your Favorite
  27. Chuck Norris
  28. the book of men
  29. Thank God for Football
  30. Ms./Mrs. Scubatoys pageant
  31. Hurricanes Named After Women
  32. UFC tonight
  33. Women Who Have Been Drinking...
  34. Do you own the Dangerous Book for Boys?
  35. Perk of the Job
  36. Those who talk alot
  37. Men's rules for the ladies
  38. Good Cat Joke
  39. Football or Scuba????
  40. Never argue with a woman
  41. She Has The Look
  42. Favorite Diving Story/Location
  43. Any WoW players in the house?
  44. Points for the Man Card
  45. Guy's / Girl's Night Out
  46. P-Valve
  47. Poll witch type of P-Vave
  48. heads up for the boys: HALO 3 midnight release
  49. His blood smells like cologne...
  50. Don't want to Post this anywhere...
  51. Beer May be Hazardous to Men
  52. My Male Roommate
  53. How to get Men to Wash their hands
  54. New virus worm to avoid "WORK"
  55. Best Guy Movie
  56. What car should I get?
  57. World Combat League
  58. An Old Flame Called
  59. He's got the LOOK...
  60. post your bikes
  61. Post Your... Truck
  62. Boxers or Briefs?
  63. Tiolet seat lid
  64. Men are more efficient
  65. Man Rules
  66. What some words really mean
  67. Japanese Imports
  68. My Wife Is Awesome!!!
  69. The Husband Store
  70. The Real List Of Man Laws
  71. Another one for the Darwin Awards
  72. sabathia over beckett
  73. Greatest "Man" Commercial
  74. women driving
  75. For all you Sensitive, New Age Guys....
  76. And for all you truly sensitive guys....
  77. Pick Up Lines Never to use..
  78. Men Are Just Happier People.
  79. Divorce or Pepsi?
  80. Manswers
  81. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
  82. For the guys and the girls... very funny!
  83. The good old days?
  84. Moustache Woes & Procedures
  85. T-Shirts and Bumper stickers
  86. south park or family guy
  87. Reality Check heheh
  88. Post pics of your fast car
  89. MLB Scandal
  90. One for the men...
  91. As 2007 closes....
  92. Fathead Commercial
  93. Days of Christmas
  94. The Oil Field Explained... A Few Good Men Style
  95. Saturday Night Football
  96. Kinda feelin' "McGyver" .......
  97. The Husband Store
  98. Women, don't look at this thread. Men Only...
  99. ****** side effects
  100. Declaration of Independence
  101. GoDaddy.com
  102. One for the men
  103. muddy jokes
  104. you're right, i'm wrong, i'm sorry
  105. Oil Change Instuctions
  106. I hate when that happens....
  107. Spending time with Dad vs. Mom
  108. Wetshaving
  109. Wow! hot girl wearing a backplate!
  110. The Buffalo Theory
  111. Stupid Joke
  112. Hired Goons
  113. How big is your mower - how small is your yard?
  114. This Dude is Hardcore
  115. In need of snappy comebacks.
  116. Post counts??
  117. A thing of beauty
  118. where's the damn remote?
  119. best sandwich
  120. you go away for a week
  121. Jessica Alba moaning
  122. Marital Advice
  123. how to take a hint....
  124. Pee off the boat or use the head?
  125. Guys..
  126. Injuries you sustained while you were....
  127. Home Brewing beer
  128. Post Scuba, BBQ, Grilling and (Manly) Beverages
  129. Super Powers
  130. OK, so I'm a gal...
  131. I just got a new tattoo
  132. So my little brother just got Grand Theft Auto 4
  133. What teams do you follow...?
  134. Peeing and Scuba Diving
  135. So somebody else might get to win a golf tournament...
  136. Jack Bauer....We've all head the Chuck Norris...What about JB?
  137. Do men have different laws..really
  138. I've called it "man land" for years now!!!
  139. Double Standards
  140. something for the guys
  141. Are you embarrassed to shop for you sig other?
  142. Wife Claims I Don't Pay Sufficient Attention
  143. Perfect Boyfriend/Husband
  144. Poll: Tell the truth
  145. Beer Bongs
  146. For Sale
  147. How A Woman's Brain Works
  148. His & Her's diary entries
  149. How to pronounce Oklahoma correctly.
  150. I'm just saying....
  151. Male Physiology
  152. My New Dive Buddy...I Wish
  153. Snickers
  154. Best Pizza
  155. Why should you dive?
  156. Grill Tools
  157. It's Good To Be King
  158. SCUBA Love
  159. Obama or McCain
  160. Lidell or Evans
  161. MUFF Diving
  162. Who is this woman?
  163. Top 10 Country & Western Songs
  164. Lost Bikini Top
  165. Heart Attack Grill
  166. A moment of reflection...
  167. To pee or not to pee, that's the question
  168. Drinking and buying online
  169. Best Current Rock Band
  170. Safety Sausage Use
  171. Formula 1 anyone?
  172. Dallas Cowboys
  173. Chum the water
  174. How much Alcohol does it take to do this?
  175. What's going on with the ML forum??
  176. "step brothers" the movie
  177. Dating question
  178. Bonnet movies
  179. Conservative versus Liberal: A history lesson
  180. You have 2 cows
  181. Do you agree? Or would you re-arrange this list...
  182. The ultimate guy question?
  183. Chuck Norris Facts!
  184. Does anyone remember this radio show?
  185. I see the girls have been pretty quiet.
  186. "Equipment" Care
  187. "75 skills every man should master"...what the..?
  188. Smiley faces
  189. The Singing Shark
  190. We whooped 'em pretty good.
  191. The Old Man and the Sea
  192. Top Three Coffin Nails
  193. Did I rasie my kids wrong?
  194. Mustache?
  195. Mandles - Candles for Men
  196. I don't eat breakfast very often, but
  197. How To Make A Woman / Man Happy
  198. w cool are you?
  199. No work getting done today
  200. Levens 'possibly' shooter in murder-suicide
  201. Woe and Sixteen- A Salute to the Detroit Lions
  202. Help tuning my new HD TV
  203. My name is Jason, and I'm addicted to my PS3...
  204. Snow and Rain on a Satellite Dish
  205. Nine Words Women Use
  206. A Woman Should Be...
  207. Formula 1 2009, Newer, Better, Faster and Uglier.
  208. Have you upchucked under water? or wimped to the gallows of the boat.
  209. We have a winner!
  210. Go to StoreCam Bath+room Excellent Zoom image @ ScubaToys
  211. PETA's Banned Super Bowl Advert
  212. How To Tell If She's Got PMS ...
  213. Do You Want This?
  214. What Women Want In A Man
  215. single again!!
  216. Underwear in shower???
  217. How to properly listen to classical music
  218. How do you like women to maintain thier "equipment"?
  219. American Ingenuity
  220. SNL Wii Skit
  221. Personalized license plate ideas
  222. Man Laws Forum - Friday Smile
  223. What would you do?
  224. How many 5 year olds could you take in a fight...?
  225. Careful! They can take out an eye!
  226. Remembering times I should "not" have went on the Date.
  227. I want This...and the Disc Player, Too
  228. Best Field Trip EVER!
  229. aaaaaaAll this talk of Tequila!
  230. The Husband Song
  231. Spectre Public Service Announcement
  232. http://forum.scubatoys.com/scuba-diving-tube-videos/20200-into-drink.html
  233. New Invention
  234. Bachelor Father
  235. Should I - or not?
  236. Nickname given to the xxxx'ed-Gal from your life/
  237. Gift Idea
  238. Help picking new girlfriend
  239. Man Card Revocation Poll
  240. Should I blow off work and hit the quarry tomorrow?
  241. Which type of Guy were you or are you at a Bar?
  242. Gentlemen: Name a fictional female that
  243. I love Ernest Borgnine
  244. Under wetsuit wear for guys with XL junk
  245. How much wind is too much?
  246. Chicks dig scuba divers
  247. I found my dream girl!!!
  248. I'm making a pumpkin pie.
  249. The Woman Song
  250. Women drivers...