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  1. So what has your favorite night dive been?
  2. What time do you like starting night dives?
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  21. What primary light do you use?
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  28. First Deep Night dive off a Boat
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  33. my first night dive
  34. for all you anxious night divers
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  37. night diving. your experiences?
  38. 1st nite dives, do as specialty?
  39. Will be doing first night dive over labor day...
  40. secondary on mask?
  41. I don't get that this is a big deal....
  42. night dive question.
  43. Isn't night diving spooky???
  44. Light for UW Photogs
  45. I want collective ideas for best and yet sober way to celebrate New Year No late nigh
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  47. Why do you night dive?