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  1. Regulator Recall
  2. Dacor Darwin Air And Darwin Console
  3. Whites Inflator Hose
  4. SeaLife SL961 Digital Flash Technical Bulletin
  5. Wetsuit
  6. FYI- Apeks TX, ATX, XTX
  7. Recall of Aqua Lung Titan / Conshelf DIN Handwheel Retainers
  8. PADI EAN32 Rec Dive Planer
  9. SI Tech Hose Recall
  10. Underwater cable videocameras
  11. Besea W50 Diving Wings with Poseidon Inner Bladders Recall
  12. I have a question about Oceanic
  13. Mares Nemo Quick Connector
  15. Halcyon over Pressure Valves
  16. SI Tech Dry Suit Hose Recall
  17. Guardian Full-Face Masks
  18. Dive Rite Dive Equipment Recall
  19. Cressi Ellipse Black MC5 Regulator Recall
  20. TUSA RS-670 Regulators
  21. Mares Nemo Air Dive Computers
  22. OMS
  23. Apeks WTX Power Inflators
  24. EDGE / HOG BCD's & certain wings
  25. Recall Roll-up?
  26. Guardian Full Face Masks
  27. Sea Elite Systems BCDs
  28. Edge and HOG Buoyancy Control Devices
  29. DUI Weight & Trim System Classic and DUI Weight & Trim System II
  30. Atomic Cobalt issue
  31. Miflex HP hoses recalled
  32. Phantom High Pressure Hoses
  33. Atomic Aquatics Cobalt recall for US & Canada
  34. Aqualung BCD w/integrated weight pockets
  35. Aqua Lung Recalls Buoyancy Compensators
  36. Trident Diving Equipment Recalls High-Pressure Scuba Diving Air Hoses
  37. DiveAlert Emergency Signaling Devices Recalled by Ideations
  38. Hollis Recalls DG03 Digital Dive Computers
  39. Suunto Dive Product
  40. Hollis Recalls Some Explorer Rebreather Models
  41. Scubapro Aladin 2 Dive Computer
  42. Aqua Lung Expands Recall of Buoyancy Compensators
  43. Galileo Luna and Sol Dive Computers