View Full Version : Scubapro Mens Hybrid T Rash Guard

03-04-2008, 21:42
Does anyone own a Scuba pro Mens Hybrid T Rash Guard. I like the idea of them but the price tag is pretty stiff. I want to know how well they hold up. I am thinking for lobstering a spearfishing I want something to protect my arms but I often dont want to wear a wet suit. Are the arms just going to tear up if I reach under ledges for lobsters?

03-05-2008, 14:26
The Henderson and Mares also have good option for those.

03-06-2008, 11:28
I did a web search and I was unable to find these rash guards you were referring too. All I found was regular Lycra rash guards. None with the neoprene core. If you check this thread again, please send me a link to these rash guards you were referring to.

03-08-2008, 10:32
I have had good luck with a 0.5 mm skin for reaching under ledges. Not sure what the price is of the ScubaPro, but I bet it costs more than these:

Overton's - Gladiator Chill Skin Pullover (http://www.overtons.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?i=12384&pdesc=Gladiator_Chill_Skin_Pullover&str=chill%20skin&merchID=1008&r=view)

Overton's - Gladiator Chill Skin Pullover 2XL (http://www.overtons.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?i=13143&pdesc=Gladiator_Chill_Skin_Pullover_2XL&str=chill%20skin&merchID=1008&r=view)

Both links are to the same product; however, the first link is $25 and the second is $40. If you can find your size in the first link, go that route.

That is the exact shirt that I have and I have worn it scuba diving, water skiing, and wakeboarding and it is great for many occasions.

03-08-2008, 14:14
Thanks, that's much cheaper than the ScubaPro I was looking at.