View Full Version : A Divers Guide to Michigan Underwater Preserves

03-07-2008, 08:50
I am finally getting to the bottom of the stack of reading material I picked up at Our World Underwater (Just in time for the Ghost Ship Festival tonight!) and came to a little book titled "A Divers Guide to Michigan Underwater Preserves". Wow, what a good resource! It lists each of the states 12 underwater preserves. In each one it has a list of wrecks, their GPS coords, depth, level of dive, and the date sunk. It even has a small history on a-lot of them. I has a total list of 150 wrecks and makes me want to take a drive over there! Check out the website at Great Lakes Shipwrecks: Michigan Underwater Preserves (http://www.michiganpreserves.org) maybe they will send you the book if you are interested.

03-07-2008, 09:07
Thanks for the link! My BIL lives out there and we were thinking about a trip this summer. Maybe I'll plan on diving too!

03-07-2008, 18:28
Thank you for posting this information. This is a wonderful resource for all divers. I have a feeling that as scubatoys forum grows this post will get numerous hits. Thank you.


03-07-2008, 20:29
Wow. Nice web site.

03-07-2008, 20:42
i wonder if ohio has one

03-07-2008, 21:49
Just wait until you get the book sent to you, it great! Just goes to show that it is worth going through all the piles of mostly useless info you pick up at shows, you just might find a hidden gem!