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03-14-2008, 18:50
Diving in Monterey with a very curious little harbor seal.

Duration: 00:00:46 / Uploaded: 14-03-08

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03-17-2008, 18:51
Video contest entry here...
It was a very bad viz day at Macabee beach Monterey. We were just about ready to call the dive off, when all of the sudden, this little harbor seal decided he just couldn't get enough of my sister's fins. It really surprised her at first. She felt something tugging on her fin and thought it was me, but when she looked over her shoulder, I was about 10 feet behind her! It was definitely the highlight or should I say highlights of the dive. This little seal came back two more times to finish what it had started. What I like about this video, is that you can clearly see that my sis is in no way trying to touch the seal. She's just letting him have his way with her. Too many times when you watch a video where someone gets up and personal with wildlife, you see them reaching out to "pet" it, antagonizing it, or feeding it. To me that's a big No, No! I'm not sure what category to put this in.It's not a strange critter, but it is a critter acting strange. This is my original footage...

03-18-2008, 12:46
Ooooo, I would be careful of those seals. the last time one baby was pulling on my fin, I felt a big chomp on my right arm, and there was a big seal, as big as me has my arm in his mouth.