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03-15-2008, 12:23
Since everybody is out diving this weekend and I'm stuck at home sick, I thought I would throw this thought out to see what everybody thought. SteveC and I were talking about the need to have a place to go too, to keep track of the dive conditions of various spots. We threw out a lot of ideas, but one of the simpliest was to start a thread on each dive site in the Midwest Forum that solicits current dive conditions. As people dive them throughout the year they could add to the thread. This way we can track the conditions throughout the year and when we are planning a trip we could go to the thread and see what the last post was for conditions. We wouldn't want full dive reports - this could be seprate threads. Just something simple like water temp and viz and any other type of quick info. If this became beneficial, maybe they could become "stickys". Here is a little idea of what we are thinking.

Thread Title "Table Rock Dive Conditions"

Posts would say something like:

"3/12/08 (Dam)- Viz 10 feet at surface 20 feet at depth (60 feet). Water temp 42 degrees, lots of suspended algae".

"4/12/08 (Dam) - Viz 20 feet at surface, opens up to 30 feet under thermocline. Water temp 55 degrees above thermocline, 42 under thermocline.

There could be a seprate thread such as this for each dive location - oronogo, norfork, mermet, bull shoals, etc. People could post as much info as they want, but what we really need is just the specifics of what is going on currently at the dive location. I think this would help with planning dives and a great research tool down the road to track what happens throughout the year at the dive locations.

Anyway, I didn't want to start cluttering up the forum with this. I thought I would throw this post out to see what people thought.

Let me know what you think. Would this be beneficial? Is this a waste of time? Be honest. Is this something you think you would enjoy to have? Is there a better way?

S. Nagel

Tom A
03-15-2008, 15:16
thats a good idea that way you'll have an idea about conditions an water temp

03-15-2008, 15:21
you could have a conditions subforum, kind of like how bags are under accessories, sounds like a good idea though.

03-15-2008, 15:41
This weeks Tablerock dive report:

Surface - Freakin' cold
At depth - Probably worse
Vis - Looks ok from here!

:smiley36: Seriously, that sounds like a good idea. Since I live right by Tablerock, and will be diving it weekly, I could post reports on it.

03-15-2008, 16:48
I think this is a very good idea since I am always wondering how the conditions were the week before I go diving.

03-15-2008, 17:41
maybe 1 thread containg all midwest sites? and only posts that have info on the conditions allowed... anything else would be deleted, to keep it from getting cluttered