View Full Version : Weekend Dive

03-17-2008, 16:42
Its been awhile since my last post...school has been getting in the of my diving...i have finally got back in the water yesterday...i cant recommend these guys enough Dive Makai http://www.divemakai.com/ (http://www.divemakai.com/)...i got to dive two new dive sites on the Kona Coast...the first dive was a place called Golden Arches this place was awesome...two large arches at either side of the site with a drop off that goes down to about 110 feet I witness a peacock grouper use a white spotted eel to hunt it was very cool...the second dive was at a place called pyramid pencils this site had more butterfly fish then any other place i have been to and the coral formations at this site would rival any place in the Caribbean...i will try to get some pictures post by the end of the week...