View Full Version : greetings from Silver City, NM

07-31-2007, 17:49
greetings earthlings
here in NM at 7000 feet...surrounded by the Gila wilderness..the oceans seem
too far away....but thanks to air travel and credit cards the world is but
an oyster for this couple of seafarers...keep on divin!!

07-31-2007, 18:43
Welcome Dochaire! Hope you enjoy our happy place!

07-31-2007, 23:10
Hi dochaire. Welcome to the ScubaToys boards. Happy posting!

07-31-2007, 23:59
Welcome to the board, dochaire! I'm currently in Tucson, AZ. Not too far from you, but pretty far from the ocean. I've been diving local lakes here in AZ, but getting ready to move to clearer waters in Florida in a couple of weeks!