View Full Version : Any good beach diving on the East Ala./West Fla. Gulf coast?

03-22-2008, 15:32
I'll be in Gulfport, MS. the first weekend in April to take care of some of family business. I would like to ease on east to the Ala./West Fla. border to find some decent beach diving in the Gulf on Sunday on the way back to Atlanta.

Any spots with good vis. in that area at all?

It's been a long, cold, DRY, winter.

I've dove in Panama City, Fla. all my life and it will be spring break time so I don't want to get anywhere near that place. Parking lot city!!

Any info. would be helpful.


03-22-2008, 16:03
I have heard the "Jetties" in Destin are a good dive.

03-22-2008, 18:40
Thanks. I did some checking on the web and Gulf Shores near Mobile, Ala. has a wreck about 100yds. off shore that's in 15-20ft. of water. It's supposedly an old moonshiners skiff that sank years ago, called the "Whiskey wreck".
I talked to a dive shop down there and the lady said that water vis. off the beach can be 20-30 ft. on a good day when the wind and current are in sync. I'll try that place. I don't ever get wrecks that close in when I dive in the Panama City Beach area.
Destin is a little too far east for me, plus it will be packed with Spring Breakers as well.