View Full Version : Scuba Compressor aboard a crusing sailboat

08-01-2007, 11:56
Well I am preparing a cruising sailboat for an extended cruise that will hopefully be filled with diving. In order to dive where ever and when ever we would like to we are installing a compressor. We have a Max-Air 35 with the gas engine but we really do not want gas aboard. I have ordered a small diesel engine to replace the gas one and hope to be able to put a new clutched pulley on the compressor. Has anyone else done something like this? If so any advice?

07-14-2013, 20:45
looks like its been a while since this post but I was wondering how things went? We are just beginning preparations to do the same and want to avoid as many mistakes as possible.

07-18-2013, 16:49
That compressor is a re-branded Coltri MCH6 and we don't supply a diesel engine primarily because of the cost but also because of the weight. But doing it yourself should be no problem as long as you set it up to drive the compressor at a speed of 2400-2800 RPM.