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the register
03-23-2008, 00:35
I'm a married white male, open water newb (:smiley2:) in the chicago area and was hoping to get some advice on what people did for their first dives :smiley2: in this area. I don't know any other divers, and my OW course was just my DM and I, so I didn't meet up anybody that way.

So right now I'm trying to figure out tips on how to keep diving in the chicago area. What should I expect my first dives to be? I'm figuring I can get in touch with the LDS I got certified with and hit up the quarries when they start doing their training dives (or something like that).

I'm also hoping to get in touch with one of the scuba meetups/groups in the area to meet some dive buddies, but hoping that I'll find time to actually do that.

So anybody have any advice on what they did when they started around here? How'd you find people to dive with? What kind of dives did you do? Where did you dive at?

Thanks everybodyy

03-23-2008, 09:30
I just dropped by the LDS and went diving when they organized local dive trips, over time that got me buddies. Then came scubaboard and later on scubatoys and that again got me more buddies.

The key is get out there and let people know you want to dive, and dive locally.

03-25-2008, 12:07
Welcome, Im also a nube in the Chicago area. If you are ever looking for a buddy on a Thursday or Friday drop me a line. There are a-lot of charters going oout to Lake MI but in the interest of getting more diving in without spending as much $$ I have been looking into shore diving also.