View Full Version : Jackson Blue Sept 2006 part 1

03-24-2008, 13:40
http://www.scubadivingtube.com/uploads/thumbs/XUnpUz4Uy0XmUVPdCdnf.jpg Duration: 00:04:48

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03-28-2008, 20:33
Lovely video, and I like the choice of music. I also really like the awareness and communication of your buddy . . . I'd dive with somebody like that any time.

03-28-2008, 23:01
ahh I was hoping this video would turn up after divx shut down stage6 I couldnt really find it just wish it was in high def like stage6 was but great video someone told me they used a coupla 50 watt hid's in the making which I can believe it