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08-01-2007, 13:46
Here is an FYI on Airtran. As of Labor Day weekend Airtran will discontinue flights into Freeport, Bahamas. (FPO) My husband and I have a Blackbeard trip booked for November (I have a thread here on the forums about it) and were using Airtran as a convenient way to fly in from DFW. We were notified in early July via email that they would be discontinuing service and gave us two options: change our tickets to other destinations without a fee or get a full refund. We ended up getting a full refund and then rebooking for tickets from DFW to Ft. Lauderdale, which conveniently were about $210 dollars cheaper. However, we will now have to book separate tickets from Ft. Lauderdale to Freeport via either Continental or BahamasAir. When it is all said and done it will end up running us another $300 more than originally planned even after the savings from rebooking, which isn't bad, but is annoying nontheless.

I wanted to put this out for public since there are so many nice diving opportunities and liveaboards in that area and this is a big change in how many of us will get there. There used to be a ferry from Ft. Lauderdale to Freeport but that ended in 2005. (Just to fake you out though the website is still up.) There is an inter-Bahamas ferry that will take you from island to island but does not connect to Florida at all. One option would be to try and fly into another airport, like Nassau for example, and then take the island ferry. That didn't work for us because times and locations didn't work out to get us to the boat on time for the start of the trip, but it is a general possibility.

08-02-2007, 18:43
This is bad news. Delta was running some very good fares to Freeport due to the competition. They will soon be back to $500 round trip. Did you look at American connecting through Miami?

08-07-2007, 00:21
I did. Largely the schedules didn't work for when we wanted to fly out and get there. Actually there are some nice sale fares going on right now to the Bahamas and Carribean but since we are traveling during a holiday season those rates weren't available.

08-07-2007, 12:16
Hey, thank you for posting about the ferry being discontinued. I am trying to see if I can find a cheap airfare to Freeport, as I'm considering joining the September trip, but I'm having trouble finding something that won't run me $1000 for airfare... :(

08-07-2007, 17:24
I hear ya. It's kinda nasty now. We booked cheap Airtran tickets to Ft. Lauderdale that were about 650 for the pair. We still need to add the flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Freeport, which will be another 400-500 more. Since we are flying out DFW maybe that helps us. Where are you departing from?

08-08-2007, 12:21
Ha ha. Well, in theory, I should be flying from Missoula. But the airport is closed that week because they're redoing the runway. So I'm pricing other airports in the region.

Check out Continental. Serious.

I think they must be doing a special of some kind. I can fly from Seattle to Freeport, round-trip, for $450. So if I add on my small commuter flight and go to Spokane, it will only cost me $560 or so. Add on gas, plus I'll have to stay one night in a hotel in Spokane (park and fly package), and about $670. Which is what it would cost me to go from Missoula anyway, so I suppose it all works out. Even pricing from Great Falls would add on $259 for the commuter flight, so $709. The connection times are better from Spokane, so I'm better off flying from there.

If you're going from Dallas, I bet you can get a bang-up deal with Continental. Even if you have to take a commuter flight to Houston (surely Continental runs some kind of commuter service to Dallas) and then go. Unless you want to stretch your trip out, drive to Houston (a bit far, perhaps better to just fly it...), do a park-and-fly deal, and go.

Check out http://www.parksleepfly.com too, for a deal like that.

'sides, then your python Fluffy can accompany you on your journey. Perhaps you can even train the python to drive, then you can sleep from Dallas to Houston. The python certainly wouldn't do any worse than some of these yutzes I see running around out here... :)

08-14-2007, 17:23
what a drag, we do delta to freeport a couple times a year and the prices have been OK. Guess it's time to budget a couple hundred more.

08-14-2007, 19:03
it stinks there discontinuing service, this was how many of my friends travel to the bahamas

08-14-2007, 23:51
thanks for the heads up on the ferry service. I had no idea they stopped running

08-15-2007, 09:10
Its not the cost of the plane ticket which pisses me off when traveling international, it's all the damm taxes..

08-17-2007, 10:25
I checked again and saw that Continental had decent prices to Freeport, but of course now we have already rebooked. Sigh. Well, at least if we do this again we won't have the discontinuing service thing at the beginning which is an improvement.

08-17-2007, 10:57
Who did you end up rebooking with?

Yeah, Continental not only has good prices, but I must say I like their service. From the ticket counter to the phone staff to the flight staff, you can tell that Continental cares about their service, and wants to treat people right. I'm not a bit afraid of Continental losing my luggage, and if they do, I *know* they will do their best to help me. Your politeness to them is definitely reflected in their return service to you.

Plus they'll still offer you snacks on their flights. So many American flights aren't even doing that anymore.

United, on the other hand, has lost quite a bit of prestige in my book. From the gum-smacking cow (you don't smack gum in Japan) who literally shoved a Japanese person out of the way in the Kansai airport so *she* could go through the metal detector to the idiots in Chicago and Denver who didn't transfer my bag properly (on the same damn trip!), I can't say that customer service is high on their list.

08-18-2007, 01:31
We are rebooked domestically through Airtran for DFW to Ft. Lauderdale, and then will be taking Continental from Ft. Lauderdale to Freeport.

08-19-2007, 14:50
thanks for the heads up on the ferry service. I had no idea they stopped running

We flew on Continetial direct flight from Orlando in May to Freeport. As far as I know the ferry did not stop running. I did not read here anywhere where the ferry quit running, it was AirTran that is stopping service. You can check out the ferry on their website. It is from Ft. Lauderdale.


08-19-2007, 15:16
Just watch last year flying back from the Bahamas on Continental (to FLL) we flew on a mini-jet, which appeared to have been put in service just for us, it was definetly a last minute replacement for the regular continental jet. IT was load, dirty and not well maintained.

H2O Skier
08-19-2007, 17:51
This is bad news. Delta was running some very good fares to Freeport due to the competition. They will soon be back to $500 round trip. Did you look at American connecting through Miami?

It won't help the OP due to the timeline but for future travelers.... Spirit Airlines is adding daily non-stop service from FLL to FPO beginning 12/13/07. Their regular fares are very good plus some amazing deals from time to time.

- Dave.

08-19-2007, 18:54
Do you know what we need? We need a website for divers which lists diving locations or regions, and travel tips which correspond with said locations. So, under 'Bahamas', you could read that Spirit Airlines has good prices.

08-19-2007, 21:54
Do you know what we need? We need a website for divers which lists diving locations or regions, and travel tips which correspond with said locations. So, under 'Bahamas', you could read that Spirit Airlines has good prices.

Or that Airtran is going to drop service to said area, notify you via tacky email and cost you an extra $400. :smiley26:

I agree. It would be nice to find a really comprehsive website that correlates locations, dive ops, transportation, and regional attractions.

08-20-2007, 11:05
I may have to look around.

Have you ever been to http://www.divematrix.com? When you go to the home page, there is a really cool map with dots signifying world travel dive sites. What might be cool is if you could click on the 'dive travel' tab, go to the map, select a continent, then look for dive sites. A place like that, where users can input information, might be useful.

I'm not sure about the technological requirements to do such a thing just right off. I think to have place names show up as you roll the mouse, you would need java scripting. (If I'm wrong, please correct). Then perhaps you could incorporate a search engine which would search for threads on the given place which were generated in Dive Matrix. Dive Matrix is still a comparatively small board, so perhaps you could also add an external link to ScubaBoard's search engine, or Scuba Toys. For places which have good cave diving, or are known for deco. diving, links to The Deco Stop and Cave Diver.

If you had the time and know-how (and the sponsorship), you could really make a cool resource.

08-20-2007, 22:35
And I have no skills and resources :)

But it is an awesome idea. Perhaps there are some highly skilled internet site building gurus that can take this idea and run with it!

08-21-2007, 16:12
Just think, then, we could be the blind leading the blind on this. Then get all kinds of rich and famous for our intelligence.

Or not...

08-22-2007, 07:48
now where will all the georgia college kids go for spring break

08-22-2007, 10:08
Probably to Cancun, like everyone else and their sister's cousin's boyfriend.

08-22-2007, 23:21
Or perhaps trashy Jamaica.

Of if in Texas, all of our co-eds head down to South Padre Island.