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03-26-2008, 21:52
I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W7 in a Sony housing. Having just come back from Cozumel, where I got some really nice shots I am now looking for a strobe. A friend told me about the Sea and Sea YS-60. I looked at the site and read the manual, but could not find any info on being able to run it off the flash from the camera, slave function. Any help would be appreciated.

03-29-2008, 00:30
Hey there - Iowa State Alum by chance (not a lot of other Cyclones out there)? I am class of 82:smiley20:

YS60 is a decent strobe, but older technology. Don't believe it can ignore preflash from a P&S.

Inon probably has the best reputation for supporting optical TTL from a P&S camera (D2000 entry level, 240 high end) - this allows your camera to automatically control flash exposure.

The newer Sea and Sea strobes (YS27 entry level, & 110 excellent all around strobe) also support optical TTL with a P&S camera - but have a reputation for being a little more picky on which cameras they will sync with reliably. Both seem to be great strobes IF they sync with your camera.

I think ST carries the S & S strobes in stock - best bet would be to drive over and try them out with your camera.

03-29-2008, 01:08
You use the optical cable for the YS-60. But I perfer the YS-27 where you have more option to adjust the brightness rather then the YS-60 where it just have 1/2 and full option.

03-29-2008, 08:53
I'm not any kinda of photo pro, Hell I'm not even a two-bit hack, but I do have the DSC-W5 in a Sony housing.

I was looking for "cheap" for my strobe and ended up with a Bonica Neon-XP. I also had to add a Sealife Flashlink to get the Bonica to trigger, it's sensor just wasn't strong enough to pick up the flash from the camera.

04-07-2008, 04:48
Another vote for the inon strobes. they are easy to use , they and have enough settings so u can dial power up and down . the inons ane also a strobe that can grow with u if you wish to upgrade in the distant future.

i work on a liveaboard and about 80% of the strobes coming on board are the inons and i havent seen any problems with them .also i have one that has done over 500 dives without fault.


04-07-2008, 22:20
Great photos, Matt! I have to agree on the Inon. I've been using my D-180 since it was first released and it hasn't missed a shot yet. The S&S YS-90 it replaced was a workhorse but the INON is smaller and more powerful. I do miss the YS-30 slave. My buddy could hold it off to the side 3-4 ft for me for fill lighting.

04-08-2008, 19:23
the YS-60 will work with a heinrich - weikamp ttl converter:

HeinrichsWeikamp GbR (http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/blitz/en/index.htm)

Matthias (Heinrich) is very helpful & friendly. E-mail him if you need more info;


04-08-2008, 20:17
I have a YS-60 TTL/S That I will sell if anyone is interested. It is in great shape. I bought it on ebay about a year ago and it has never been used. I couldn't figure how to get it to work with my sp-350 so I purchased the YS-27. I will even throw in a tray and arm. The tray and arm has been used. It is just setting in the top of my closet.