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03-27-2008, 13:42

I have the following problem with the high pressure hose of my SPG.
I just bought a new Zeagle Envoy Deluxe from Scuba Toys to replace my old Dacor regulator. After I received the Zeagle regulator I removed my Genesis SPG from my old regulator and put it on my new Zeagle 1st stage and went to Grand Cayman where I did 9 dives. The first 7 dives went great, but when switching on the air of my tank for the last 2 dives I noticed something strange with the HP hose of the SPG: A whole bunch of droplets appeared on the hose, equally spaced along the whole hose. What does it means? Has anyone seen that behavior with their regs? Is there water in the HP hose? Do I need to replace the hose and SPG? The HP nose was changed the last time my old reg was serviced, about 6 months ago.

03-27-2008, 15:26
Not sure what you mean by droplets. Is water being forced from the hose ?
I have seen HP hoses that developed a leak and air pressure would cause a number of small blisters under the surface of the hose to erupt along the length of the hose. If so, the hose would need replacing. The SPG itself should not be the culprit.
If you are getting water droplets I can only imagine that water is getting between the outside covering of the hose and the core of the hose. When pressurized the expanding core squeezes water from small openings that allow water to pass through. never seen or heard of that before but I guess it is very possible.
I've seen a cat that loved to chew on scuba hoses and messed them up pretty good. Not really sure where that cat went...

03-27-2008, 22:33
Check the pressure rating for your HP hose. Maybe when they changed your HP hose they put on a lower pressure rated version.

I have seen this before from HP hoses which are rated a little lower than the others. Pressure is slowly released through the hose by tiny pin pricks as you discribed.

simply replace your HP hose with one that is rated high.


03-27-2008, 22:59
The hose needs to be replaced.

HP hoses have 2 layers. The inner layer keeps the air in. The outer layer has tiny holes in it (so it does not go bang if the inner layer fails)

The inner layer of your hose has a leak which is exiting the small holes in the outer layer as it is designed to do so.

Look at it under water.You will see a line of tiny air bubbles.