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03-28-2008, 00:31
looks like peacock springs state park will be closed the 15-30 of april for all diving though I think everythings blown out anyways so may not be as big of a deal but that kinda sucks I wanted to go dive Orange Grove in that time period

theres a thread over at tds going on about it

was wondering is Orange Grove sink blown out? can it be?

03-28-2008, 10:19
From Janet the Park Ranger at Peacock Springs
(via cavediver dot net )

PSSP update #4 There are boils on all the sinks, Challenge is the first one to show signs of clearing but it looked pretty dark still this morning, I'll look again when the sun is overhead. Seven steps out at Orange and 10 dry at P1. The beaver was building a dam where the old gator hole was by the P1 steps but the water level is below that already, so the dam isn't helping much. The water was over the top of the river guage (roughly 7 feet) on the 6th and it is down to 3.13 today, water started coming in when the Luravile guage was near 27 feet and that guage is almost back down to 27 feet, we may not have a run to the Suwannee before you guys get back here. Without sun it looked like maybe 2 1/2 feet of viz at P1 today.
Maybe next week we'll have better news-for you nature lovers I saw two great horned owls this morning, one had a squirrel in it's talons and I saw the beaver-got a picture of the owl, and the water is still so shiny it reflects like a mirror still.
Safe diving,
Also, from Janet

PSSP will be closed to all diving 4-15-08 to 4-30-08 I am posting this at park managements request. There will be a work crew inside Peacock Springs State Park working on the road from April 15th until April 30th, the park will remain open however no diving of any kind will be permitted due to safety concerns.
We realize there is currently no diving due to the tannic water (it may not clear before the 15th) however we want to get advance word out there of the diving restriction at the park so you can plan your dive trips involving PSSP accordingly.
Thank You for your understanding and cooperation.

03-30-2008, 04:36
When the river rises, the whole park usually gets blown out. It's clearing, but even without the road maintenance, it will still probably not be in diving condition until May anyway.