View Full Version : Any Custom Pinnacle EVO2 drysuit owners out there yet?

03-29-2008, 07:10
I am thinking I will probably have to go to a custom Pinnacle EVO 2 drysuit to make sure the suit will fit me right. For those of you that have their suit custom made, how do you like it so far? Pros and cons?
This is alot money and dive comfort and safety at stake to not get it right for me with this suit.
I know that if I am able to keep the suit as close to my body as possible so I can be able to manage the "bubble" better on a dive.


03-31-2008, 02:03
My work purchased both my and my partner's EVO2 suits from ST. We just gave ST our height, weight, boot size, and typical clothes sizes and they came up with what sizes to give Pinnacle and they placed the order with Pinnacle and we had our suits in about 4 weeks or so and that was even during the Christmas holidays. NOTE: We ordered 1 size larger boot, " our size was 12 so ST ordered us a 13", as suggested by Pinnacle and the boots were still a little too small to fit with a couple of pairs of good merino type of socks on. So, we sent them back and had them add one size larger to a size 14 and all is great now. I would not worry alot about the suit being loose. Depending on what type of undergarmets that you use a "little" extra room is a good thing so you wont feel as cramped inside the drysuit with all those thermals on. I will note a few things that may or may not help you out since you like me are new to dry suits as well.
1. We added a pair of the dive rite gators, "note: I didnt see a big need for them but my partner sure does, but I still always dive with them just the same".
2. We also ordered a pair of the OMS Slipstream XXL fins. They were much easier to get on and off than our Twin Jets.
3. Later we also ordered a pair of the Mares Comfort 5/3 drysuit gloves from ST and they work really well in temps from the high 40's +, and you can still feel what your trying to handle or work with.
4. I also prefer using my own personal back inflate BCD instead of my work provided jacket style BCD, but thats just my own personal preference. With my back inflate BCD, I feel much less restricted .

"DISCLAIMER": I am not a drysuit instructor nor have I logged 100's of dry dives. BUT,..... " I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night............." LOL I have only around 15+ dives on my EVO2. These were things that helped us with our new EVO2 suits. There are many more dry divers on here with much more experience.