View Full Version : Lay-off = no gear for me...

08-01-2007, 18:19
Man how frustrating!

I've been saving since November when I was certified and moments away from getting my own gear; and bam! Layoff.

So keep those great dive stories coming so I can live through all of you! :D

08-01-2007, 18:26
Look on the bright side, at least you had some money saved up when it happened. Hope you get a new job soon, so you can get all that gear!

08-01-2007, 18:30
Damn. Sorry to hear about that Warren. We'll get out there yet! Dontcha worry.

08-01-2007, 18:33
Really bad news Warren,I hope the great god of diving smiles on you soon with a new job, and a raise.


08-01-2007, 18:39
Doh! :( Those things always come along at the worst times. Hope you get a new, even better job very soon!

ScubaToys Larry
08-01-2007, 18:43
I don't know what part of the country you're in, but the job market seems real good these days. We don't have much unemployment and it's hard to find good folks. I had to settle for Joe!

I'm sure something will be right around the corner for you!

08-01-2007, 19:01
what field were you in if you don't mind me asking?

08-01-2007, 19:47
sorry to hear. good luck.

08-01-2007, 19:59
Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can find new employment soon...


08-01-2007, 22:12
Well, these things can often be the best thing to happen to you. I know up here in Canada, we can't find enough people. Good luck on the job hunt.

08-01-2007, 22:15
That's too bad. What are you looking for and where. Maybe we could start a ST Forum Jobs/help wanted thread

the gooch
08-02-2007, 01:25
Sorry for the lay off. Hope you are back in the swing of things asap.

08-02-2007, 07:58
Sorry about your layoff Warren, hope you find something even better! Just might be a blessing in disguise!!

08-02-2007, 08:02
Woah! dude get your butt to Australia.
great diving central place to the world
Good money in the mining industry at the moment to techs
100K plus for your skills if your prepared to work in the bush.


08-02-2007, 10:18
So sorry to hear that Warren. I hope you find something great soon!

08-02-2007, 10:25
Good luck with the job hunt! I bet you will find something soon.

I went through two layoffs in 6 months. The job I have now is great & I can't keep up with the work.

08-02-2007, 10:59
Warren - Been there - Good Luck - I'm sure something will pop up.

If you aren't already a member - you may want to look at LinkedIN (www.linkedin.com). I used it to network for jobs and stay in touch with co workers (who can be your BEST source of gigs and projects).

Good Luck,

08-02-2007, 17:06
heh... database stuff should be money too. expand your skillsits a bit in the same fields.

i have all my own gear and rarely get to use it becuase I'm to busy working... so how about you fill in for me at the office for a few days while I get in a few dives? :D

08-02-2007, 17:17
Keep your chin up..... something will come!

08-03-2007, 11:18
Sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you have the skills to get right back on your feet.

Good Luck, Warren!

08-03-2007, 12:45
I don't know what part of the country you're in, but the job market seems real good these days. We don't have much unemployment and it's hard to find good folks. I had to settle for Joe!
In the south, you bet. Up here in "single-state recession Michigan", jobs couldn't be fewer nor farther between. In the past two months, my best friend of nearly 20 years moved to Florida, and my brother just up and moved to Mass - all job related. We're really hurting up here, that's for sure.

08-20-2007, 18:37
Every journey begins with a first step Warren, good job
Persistence always pays

08-20-2007, 18:51
Sorry to hear about that buddy--let us know what you do. You never know, scuba divers can be resourceful---SOMETIMES...

08-20-2007, 20:21
Well good luck, and keep looking. It's always better to look for a job when you have one.

08-21-2007, 09:06
Congrats on finding a new job Warren! Thanks for updating us. I hope that you either get a really big raise soon or you find another job that pays what you are used to.

08-21-2007, 09:25
Congrats on the new job. I've taken pay cuts before, and it is always a hard pill to swallow, but I have never regretted taking it. Good luck and keep us posted.

08-21-2007, 09:36
Congrats Warren!

I took a huge pay cut to take this job but there are benefits that are worth more than $$. Less stress, better hours, nicer people. I hope you have some of those coming your way.

08-21-2007, 18:35
where are you at warren, if your in Michigan....we could go diving local, I have a backup set of Gear....Just cost you an air Fill......

08-21-2007, 18:39
thats crappy, when i have money saved up my car tends to blow up on me.

08-21-2007, 18:42
thats crappy, when i have money saved up my car tends to blow up on me.


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