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04-02-2008, 20:24
I have been searching the boards for information on G-Zero suits but no one seems to know about them. Given that these suits are made in Italy, that may be why information on them is hard to come by.

Be that as it may, I took a leap of faith and ordered a Ranger TXT from Samish Divers out WA state and my order is being processed as I write this. I am hoping to receive it soon so that I may get it wet and write a review as to the performance of the suit. And if I really like it maybe I will take a picture of myself in the suit and make it my avatar.

04-02-2008, 20:55
Your not a short fat guy are you?

Just kidding.

I've never seen it other than their website so I can't comment on it firsthand, but I've seen what I think are a few legit divers who have it post their thoughts on it and they're happy.

I am curious why would you spend $2000 on a drysuit you've never heard of, almost no information on it exists, and there are other brands around for less money? The plastic zipper scares me, that'd be my hangup on the suit. Do post back about what you think of it. It's supposed to be a clone of a DUI TLS350 from what I gather.

04-03-2008, 00:22
Used to be 5'10.5" and 245lbs now I can fit into their ML([email protected]). I hope I never get to weigh that much again.

Getting back to the drysuit, I did consider a lot of the offerings out there before I decided to place my order for a Ranger TXT with Samish Divers(SD). The ones that I really liked were these: DUI TLS 350 @ 2,258++, Bare's Trilam HD Tech Dry @ 1,699 and the Pinnacle Evoluton 2 @ 1,528. If the dry suit is not what I expect it will go back and I will have to settle for the Pinnacle. But seeing as how I got my order in before the mark-up, I am only paying $1,250 for a dry suit that closely approximates a fully optioned DUI TLS 350 which would have come to a whopping $3,100.

To be totally fair to DUI, it is G-zero's DIR Signature series that most closely approximates their TLS 350 but that model is not listed on SD's website as an available offering. The Ranger TXT does not have a warm collar but that is something I may get installed at a later date, perhaps when the neck seal needs replacing.