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04-03-2008, 20:52
We just got back from Key Largo where we dove 3/27 thru 3/30. We stayed in condos at Kawamaa Resort. We dove Pennekamp and were told "NO BUGS". Bad thing was we saw lots of them on our night dive and then the Captain told us we were right outside of the park and could have brought them up. ARGHHHH!!! Anywho, we dove with Captain Slate's Atlantis Dive Center which is just north of Key Largo. The boats were a little old and I did not like the planks from the dock down to the boat deck. We used Cristal Charters last time but they have went out of business. Captain George who went to Conch Republic is the best skipper I've run into so far. Slates has mostly good staff. Ask for Terry at the desk, she is one of the most pleasant, helpful ladies you'll ever run into in diving. Also enjoyed Chris and Skip, 2 of the mates on the boats. Skip is a crusty, ex-special forces type and Chris did our Creature Feature on Sunday morning. Getting to kiss a nurse shark on the belly was the high point of the trip for me!!! My dive instructor insisted that I was kissing way south of the belly on a male nurse shark so I am doing extensive research on that topic. Got my 1st 2 deep dives on the Spiegel Grove. Got 15 dives in 4 days, sat 1 out for seasick, 1 out for a lost fin on the Grove. Otherwise had a fantastic time and can't wait to get back to the Keys. Great diving, Great food, Great people. What more could you want? :smiley2:

04-03-2008, 20:58
I posted this question where you said this earlier. I wanted to ask how much that trip ran ya?

04-03-2008, 22:03
what was the vis like on the SG and the water temp and current?? thanks heading down their this weekend, hopefully not too many spring breakers are left

04-03-2008, 23:06
scubasamurai, if you wanna dive the spiegel, and dont have someone picked out already.... give underwater unlimited a call, they have a group (including their staff) going out this Sunday.

04-04-2008, 14:43
scubasamurai, if you wanna dive the spiegel, and dont have someone picked out already.... give underwater unlimited a call, they have a group (including their staff) going out this Sunday.

whats their number and are they dive club or dive charter?? i am already booked on ocean explorers and hitting the SG sunday and again tuesday.
pm me the information i leave tomorrow !!!

04-07-2008, 20:48
We stayed in a condo at Kawamaa Resort condo in Key Largo for $120 a night for 6 of us, so $20 each a night, our group rate for dives was $55 for 2 tank dives in the am and same for pm, night dive was a little more, like $65 methinks. I was with a group that drove down earlier but had $160 in flight back. I got 15 dives in. I figure 4 days diving, eating out breakfast and dinner, incidentials, tips, table dances, etc., I probably had $1,500 in it. I probably spend more than I should as I'm there to enjoy myself totally and then work, work, work, when I get back home so I can go again. Totally enjoy The Keys and the great diving!!!

04-07-2008, 21:44
We were on the Spiegel Grove Friday 4/3 and the current was running hard. This was the dive I missed due to a fin strap breaking or some other rookie problem. Kinda worked out good as our group, without me, got down to 80 feet and could do nothing more than hang on to the rope and imitate sails in a stiff wind. We left SG and did reefs the rest of the day. I got down on the Spiegel Grove 4/4 Sat. and there was no discernable current, vis was 40' or so. I got to 116' 1st dive and 96' 2nd dive. Was all over the port aft winch arm and deck area. I caveat this dive report with me being a relatively inexperienced diver with only 31 dives so far.

2 of our group saw a hammerhead at SG and someone on the boat heard there was a whale shark sited near City of Washington. When we got off SG we had small crabs all over us. Captain said that these small animals came in on the currents and brought in the occassional whale shark. I thought the crabs were tasty but did need some cocktail sauce.

Rest of our dives were on Elbow, Molasses, Mike's Wreck, City of Washington, 5 Fingers Key, Benwood, Horseshoe, North Dry Rocks and North North Dry Rocks. We did a night dive on Mike's Wreck, a large barge, one of our group saw a 8' moray eel. I had a 3-4' reef shark eyeball me from about 15'. I think I was a larger snack than what he had in mind. Our Sunday am Creature Feature shark feed was also on Mike's Wreck. We had 3 nurse sharks and a large grouper come in along with lots of yellowtail snappers and various other fish. Got to rub a nurse shark on the back and belly, got to kiss same on the belly and had a totally unforgettable experience. World Class photographer Frazier Nivens was on board and video'd the whole shebang. Mate Chris of Captain Slate's did a great job with both the fish and the divers!

One thing I can say for sure is that I LOVE the Key Largo area and can see why people move there from all over. If you haven't dove here yet, you need to. This place rocks!!!