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04-05-2008, 20:50
After owning several types of gear over the past 15 years, their is one item that I've always had my eye on and yet can't even find a spot to buy it from unless it's in Europe which is PRICEY.

The Aqualung Mistral double hose regulator is that item. It's redone of the "original" double hose with a Titan first stage. Came out 2006 and seems to be discontinued.

If anybody has any information or willing part ways with this regulator, PM me.


Lone Frogman
04-06-2008, 04:23
I have a new(unused) one in the soft case I will sell for $650.00. The old mistral regs were much better and can be had for less.

04-06-2008, 08:25
Any particular reason why you want this new Mistral? Read the reviews on this reg. They are a poorly designed reg. US Divers missed an opportunity to design an excellent double hose reg that offered LP and HP ports and eliminated the poorly thought out duckbill valve that hurt the classic double hose design and led to its demise in favor of the single hose regs. They screwed it up. The new Mistral is made of a bunch of parts from other regs that made the new Mistral a dog. It uses rebreather hoses that are too large for this application. As a result they are too bouyant and are best used with weights attached to the hose to keep them fom being to floaty. The reg is ugly compared to classics like the Royal Aquamaster or DA Aquamaster or the original Mistral.

What is very cool is that new aftermarket parts are readily available to rebuild the classic regs. New silicone diaphrams and corrugated silicone hoses in the original colors are now made at great prices. New mouthpieces, mushroom valves and HP seats are all available for the original Mistral. Banjo attachments are reasonably priced to allow the use of an SPG to monitor air pressure. There are a couple of folks who have a business that rebuilds the old regs to modern standards and many of these regs outperform modern regs with all the advantages of a double hose reg. They are extremely hard to freeflow due to the design and the back mounted exhaust eliminates bubbles in your face. Great for photography.

You can get a rebuild on an old US Divers reg or a Voit very easily. Stay away from Dacor or other brands as there are few aftermarket parts available. You also have the option of purchasing a rebuilt double hose reg that will outperform the new Mistral hands down.

You can go to:
Vintage Double Hose (http://www.vintagedoublehose.com)
Vintage Scuba Supply - Antique Diving Gear Two Hose Regulators (http://www.vintagescubasupply.com)

They offer regs for sale that work exceptionally well or will restore a doublehose reg for you that you can often pick up cheaply.
I dive a lot of double hose regs and the new Mistral is not a good reg.
The greatest innovation in double hose regs is the newly invented Phoenix nozzle. It revolutunized double hose diving. It is a nozzle that replaced the original ones in the DA Aquamaster that are found everywhere. It allows the use of the regulator on HP tanks. Earlier DH regs used on 2250 PSI tanks and the modern 3000 and 3500 psi tanks damaged the seats and the yokes were overloaded. The Phoenix nozzle has a 4000 PSI rated yoke and uses modern internals found in modern USD regs. Any overhaul kits used in the Conshelfs will fit in the Phoenix. Better yet it was designed with 3 HP and 3 LP prts so you can use it with an octopus, drysuit, computer transducer, etc. Even on HP tanks.
Many of the vintage divers who appreciate the attributes of double hose regs bought the new Mistral and tried it. They are in agreement that it was a poor attempt to revive a double hose reg. I have seen a bunch of those guys trying to unload their regs for a few hundred bucks on the classified boards on the various vintage diving forums.

The USN currently has a double hose reg made by USD called the Mentor. It is a decent reg. it is used to train Navy divers to use a double hose set up who will later do transitional training on double hose rebreathers. Unfortunately this reg is not for sale to the public.
There ought to be some double hose regs out your way made by Kawasaki for US Divers. They are collectible and should be able to be dived with modern parts.

I am currently building a Phoenix 2 regulator out of a DA Aquamaster that I got for ten dollars at a thrift store. The Phoenix nozzle will cost $198.00.
New diaphrams and mushroom valves are available if needed. The Phoenix nozzle even features a replaceable volcano orifice unlike the originals. My great-grandkids should be able to dive this reg into the next century. My advice would be to explore the Phoenix over the new Mistral.