View Full Version : Hello from Florida's Treasure Coast

07-10-2007, 14:31
It's just like those ScubaToys guys to make it impossible for me not to join yet another dive forum. Bribery no less! It amazes me what they'll stoop to!! Or is it that I'm just too easily bought?! Oh the shame of it all...
<DIV>FYI there seems to be quite a bit of their shameless self serving advertising chotskis (sp) down here - hose protectors, mesh bags, reg bags, etc.</DIV>
<DIV>Hopefully this hurricane season will not be too hard on the diving here (and life in general for that matter).</DIV>
<DIV>Happy diving all!</DIV>

07-10-2007, 14:38
Eh.. I think I'm on 7 different forums and if I didn't allow work to interrupt my forum browsing online.. I'd prolly be on more. ;)

Welcome to ScubaToys Forum. Enjoy your stay and buy often! (Yeah, I wish I did get a commission. :P)