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04-09-2008, 07:49
A request to underwater photographers. Please critique my photos. Too often I hear, "that one is good" (or more often...that one sucks!) without knowing what I got right. If you have the time and inclination, I'd appreciate some specific critique on any photos that catch your eye. I'm not asking for a comprehensive report on my gallery, but please browse and take a closer look at any you find interesting (most do suck). If you like one in particular, I'd be extremely pleased to hear what elements caught your eye, stirred your spirit, or whatever. I can handle some CONSTRUCTIVE negatives, as long as they can help guide me towards getting a better shot next time.

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04-13-2008, 03:23
seeing no one has posted .
may i suggest you select a few of your favourite photos post them for comments.

also it is very helpful if you include camera housing strobe details and information on your settings and how long you have been shooting underwater for .

i might suggest you invest in your subjects a bit more , and shoot more photos of each subject using different settings and angles review underwater until you get the correct shot , also when im culling my photos if a photo is out of focus i hit the delete key .

you seem to have some nice natural light photos in your set with some cool unusual angles that i like. :smiley20:

keep on shooting and most of all have fun


04-13-2008, 09:47
Thanks for the comments and advice. Here are a few of my favorites. What does anyone else think?
Hmm. Having some problems putting my pics in here. I'll work on that.