View Full Version : Underwater predations in florida

04-14-2008, 14:24

I am preparing a documentary about florida red tides, a toxic phytoplankton that intoxicates the marine food web. I will need to illustrate my subject with underwater predation scenes, for instance baitballs (fishballs) attacked by predators such as tunas, dolphins and sharks.

Anybody has any idea about where I could get this kind of spectacular predation? I am looking for clear waters, good vizibility, and if possible stuff that happens regularly since my budget is quite small, and I won't have the possibility to sit and wait for something to happen for more than 2 days in a row. I know this last constraint is a really tough one (asking predations to be predictable!), but regular feeding behaviours can be observed sometimes (dolphins mud ring hunting in the Keys, for instance).

Thank you so much for your help,