View Full Version : Little help here with a used REG

04-19-2008, 17:04
Just picked up a used TUSA reg cheap thought it would be a good spare. Both the second stages say Liberator but there is no model number per se on the 1st stage but it does say TUSA tr-20231 im not sure but the latter may be the model number it also has the spg and compass with a nifty TUSA knife attached to the back of the spg. 1st stage has 2hp ports and 4 lp ports. Any help would be great if it's worth it I will send it down to larry and joe and get it serviced.


04-21-2008, 02:02
Liberator is Tusa's "budget" line. I don't think they still make regs, but I've seen people using the BCs happily. Tusa gear isn't going to be junk. I can't help with the tr-20231, that doesn't sound like a Tusa model number to me but I'm no expert.

I think a reg service will probably run you about $50 plus parts.

It's worth considering that a Tusa RS-130 is a fine reg and can be had new for less than $200. Then you get free parts for life and a warranty and it won't need a service for another 12 months.