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04-20-2008, 18:13
Last year I found a megalodon tooth, and now I am hooked.

I gave it to my little nephew, who is a fossil nut.

I know that you won't want to give out GPS coordinates on a public site, but can anyone give me some hints on where to dive for teeth in the Venice / Nokomis area?

04-20-2008, 18:26
myself i deal with a local dive boat operator , florida west scuba. bascially all the beaches out there you can get some kind of teeth. we usually use a local park out there, its on the map, and set with doubles and a float to carry gear and the flag. remember it is about a 200yd swim to get some good teeth. look in the black rock areas. sorry i can't help more, i just like the boat better and you get some ready big teeth out there

04-20-2008, 21:16
What do you know about the gold-colored teeth?

03-30-2009, 20:25
I have been to venice a few times, but would be interested in any input available as to the best locations to find the larger teeth.(from the shore that is) I will be going back in May and would love to come home with a big one.(tooth, not woman :smiley30:)

03-30-2009, 21:16
I have been to venice a few times, but would be interested in any input available as to the best locations to find the larger teeth.(from the shore that is) I will be going back in May and would love to come home with a big one.(tooth, not woman :smiley30:)
really walk into the scuba west store , they will give you directions to venice beach and tell where to head out. i do recommend the boat since you get out further into the water and lots of people down there do the shore dive and those beds really took a beating . most use to look on shore, but since they "fixed the beach with more sand" teeth are hard to find.
if you really want to do the shore dives, get a pair of doubles, yes doubles, we did it and swam about 200yds off shore and still had plently of bottom time with some fair results. but for 69 bucks the two tank boat dive is a good bet and we all came home with 3- 5 inch megs!!! in very good condition

03-31-2009, 16:38
Credit for this goes to CBulla and Simbrooks on ScubaBoard

Venice Beach
Dive Spot: Venice Beach, FL

Type of diving Shark tooth and fossil hunting in the Gulf of Mexico. This area is a prehistoric river bed and does yeild more fossils than the sharks teeth.

Type of diving: Shore dive

I-75 exit 200 to Osprey.
Continue Southeast on TAMIAMI TRL N/FL-45 S/US-41 S toward BAYVIEW DR. Continue to follow TAMIAMI TRL N/FL-45 S. 7.4 miles Map
Turn RIGHT onto MIAMI AVE W. <0.1 miles
Turn LEFT onto NOKOMIS AVE S. <0.1 miles
Turn RIGHT onto PONCE DE LEON AVE. 0.3 miles
Turn LEFT onto HARBOR DR S. 0.1 miles
Turn RIGHT onto ALHAMBRA RD. 0.4 miles
Follow ALHAMBRA RD to the end

What to expect at the dive site: Typical sharks teeth found are from the folloing: Dusky and Blacktip family, Sand Shark (current and prehistoric), Bull Shark, and Lemon Shark. More rare but also found are Maco, Great White, Snaggle Tooth and Megalodon. Other fossils that can be found include dolphin, manatee, and whale bones, stingray stingers and crusher platelettes and tail vertabrae, porupine fish platelettes, mammoth and mastadon teeth/tusk/vertabrae, sloth claws, alligator scales, and sabertooth teeth. Best times for hunting are a few days after a storm when the water has settled down. Depths are 16-18 feet, unless you swim a long way out then you may hit 20.

Where to park: parking is on the street: do not park blocking driveways.

Amenities Florida West dive shop is about 1 mile north of the site on 41 literally just over the bridge back onto the main land. Sharkey's resturant is at the base of the pier. Venice Beach's downtown district is 1/2 mile off with food and shops as well.

Pros and Cons When the water is clear lots of teeth can be found. When the water is a milky emerald green, there will be no visibity on the bottom and toothing is useless.

Alternate directions to Venice beach.

From the south:

Head to Venice on I 75. Take exit 193 and head SW (coming from the south thatís a left turn) on Jacaranda. Turn right on Venice Ave. Stay on Venice Ave until after youíve crossed the bridge to the downtown area. Turn left at the second light after the bridge (Harbor - name not well marked). Turn right at the 5th street (Alhambra).

From the north:

Head to Venice on I 75. Take exit 200 (SR681) and follow it to US 41 where you'll turn left (south). Take US 41 to Business US 41 (Tamiami Trail) where you turn right. After you cross the bridge, you'll turn right on Venice Ave. Turn left at the first light (Harbor - name not marked). Turn right at the 5th street (Alhambra).

Park on the street as close to the dead end as possible. Be careful not to block the driveway to the condo. Keep your dive between the culverts to the south and the three pine trees to the north.

04-01-2009, 19:26
Insider Info and Directions to Venice beaches - ScubaBoard (http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/venice-fossil-divers/262449-insider-info-directions-venice-beaches.html)


Here is a link that lists a few spots to dive along Harbor Dr. in Venice. I've dove them all and found teeth at all of them as well. If your ever in the area and looking to dive I would be more than happy to dive with you and show you a few of the spots. Just PM me and I'm there.

fire diver
04-02-2009, 04:46
I found a huge amount of small teeth just wlking the venice beach years ago. Sadly this was before I got into scuba. I would LOVE to get back there and and do a fossil dive. My son is a fossil freak too, so I know he would love for me to come home with a big meg fossil for him. Just one more dive on my list of many I want to do.

04-02-2009, 06:32
I done shark tooth dives in NC. I will be in Ft. Myers next month and it looks like a side trip will be needed.

15'-20' of water I can get some serous BT. In NC we are diving in 110' about 3 3 1/2 hours off shore.

04-02-2009, 19:25

When your in town shoot me a PM and I'll meet you to dive.

04-02-2009, 20:34
We dive the cooper looking for the sharks teeth also. It is the gretest dives I have done. murky water Gators, extreme currents. google cooper river artifacts. pretty good sights and reasonable prices.

07-19-2009, 13:50
Just got back from florida and we did the venice boat dive for megalodon teeth ,we found 3 ,anyone know how to clean them up so they are shiny,they have some coral growth stuc to them seems fairly hard but does come off with a pick.PM me of you want dive charter info he was great and nice boat.