View Full Version : Support the ReefBall Foundation just by using google

04-22-2008, 01:11
SearchKindly is a google powered search engine which uses many banner ads to raid money for charity. Essentially they have lots of ads so they generate money, when all you really care about is the search box.

The reason why I bring them up is because they use a poll to decide which charity gets the $$ which is raised that month (typically $500-1K), and one of the charities is the reef ball foundation. So if some of the thousands of people on this forum vote for the reefball foundation, they could get the monthly donation.

Your Searches Benefit Charities - Search Kindly (http://www.searchkindly.org)
Reef Ball Foundation: Getting Grants For Your Project (http://www.reefball.org/index.html)

I've been using SearchKindly for about 8 months now, since it's such an easy thing to use, and you are helping charities at the same time.