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04-22-2008, 09:39
I am in the Tampa area from time-to-time.

What techniques do you use to take grouper?

Can you recommend a good dive shop to guide a spear-fishing trip?

04-22-2008, 13:13
narcosis scuba in tarpon springs is big into spear fishing and all they can help you . and they have outings for spear fishing as well drop the a note


04-22-2008, 21:05
How do you haul one of those bad-boys in?

04-23-2008, 00:19
Kill it on the first shot. The rest is cake.

No Misses
04-23-2008, 08:24
Kill it on the first shot. The rest is cake.

All joking aside; a stone shot is preferable. I have used both line-shaft and free-shaft. The nice thing about groupers is that if you wound one, it will likely hole up. This gives you an opportunity to finish what you started. If one gets away from you, search the area that he headed off to. Look for silted up water under or near ledges/holes. Also look for displaced fish. When a wounded grouper pushes its way into a hiding spot, the previous residents are usually evicted.

It is nearly impossible to pull a live grouper out of a hole. They flare out their gill plates and lock themselves in, like a toggle bolt. Either shoot it again or use your kill knife to finish the job, prior to removing it from it’s hiding spot.

Once you get your hands on the fish, grab it by the gills. This is a natural handle. If he “comes back to life” you can control him if you have a good grip. Always carry a “kill knife”. I prefer stiletto style knives. Plunge it into the brain or into the spine at the base of the skull.

Check out Spearboard.com and Spearfishing planet.com for more information.