View Full Version : WTB: Inflator (scubapro?)

08-03-2007, 11:14
I bought a used Scubapro Seahawk awhile back that had a leaky inflator. I switched the Air2 from my Scubapro Accent to use with the Seahawk, but I'd like to find a cheap inflator to keep the Accent as a backup. Anybody got an old Scubapro inflator laying around, or does it matter what brand?

I have an adapter for my inflator hose to switch out when using the Air2 or the leaky inflator, but I'm not sure if those are strictly Scubapro dependent. Do other brands use a fitting that would be compatible with my inflator hose (either with or without the adapter)? If compatible, then I'm not concerned about the brand of the inflator.