View Full Version : Oceanlog issues

04-26-2008, 09:09
Has anybody ever had oceanlog lock up on them during a download, meaning you can't exit the program.
First, the normal download will finish and you will get the prompt to disconnect the computer and click a button on the screen. When it hangs it doesn't get to 100% of the download, just exits that screen and doesn't give the unplug message. You can see the new dives, but you can't from that point on exit the Oceanlog program. You can close the download window, but not the other.

This is on Vista.

Doug B
04-29-2008, 23:33
Nope. I've not had any lock-up problems with Ocean Log.

I've had other little problems, but all is good now, once I loaded the latest revision from the Oceanic website.

I didn't like it as well as the software that came with my citizen watch at first.... but now I like it just as well, maybe better.