View Full Version : WTB a few items

04-27-2008, 17:01
I am looking for a used (it should be cheaper than new) or showroom demo piece. Willing to negotiate price.
hubby wants another tank, preferably an 80 but I willc onsider other sizes for him.
He wants those solid old fashioned black rubber fins for cave diving....
A used Kadence technology snorkel
dive flag you want to get rid of????
a working old dive computer? it can be old and out dated, but it has to function.

04-27-2008, 18:30
What size shoe is he and and what type of boot.

05-02-2008, 17:47
just buy a dive flag from your local dive shop than there is no shipping...
I would also buy a new tank so you don't have to get it visual inspected again
I have never seen a used snorkel for sale