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04-28-2008, 19:41
Advanced Nitrox Course - with Joel Silverstein

This comprehensive course has been designed to teach the participant to understand the principles of science and technology as it applies to using oxygen enriched air (nitrox) for dives with a maximum depth of 132 fsw (40 msw).

May 9, 10, 11 2008

Scuba Training and Technology Inc. Lake Havasu City, AZ

May 9 Classroom & Equipment
May 10 - Lake Mohave Dives
May 11 (morning) Lake Havasu Dives

(yes we know Sunday is Mother's Day but one of our clients was only able to do this class this weekend. We will be done early on Sunday)

Graduates from the TDI Advanced Nitrox course will have the ability to plan and conduct personal dives using oxygen enriched air mixtures ranging in oxygen content from 21% through 100%. It is presented in modular format and reviews: technical diving, gases, partial pressures, operating depths, oxygen physiology, oxygen limits and tolerance, procedures for no-stop and extended no-stop diving using diving tables and multi-level multi gas computers, introduces you to technical diving equipment, reviews gas management and mixing, as well as contingency and emergency procedures.
During this course you will learn about:

Technical Diving Overview
Fundamental Skills
Gas Sharing Techniques
Equipment Selection and Rigging
Buoyancy and Trim
Propulsion Techniques
Team Diving
Dive Planning
Breathing Gas
Decompression Physiology

Pre-Requisites: CERTIFIED Nitrox DIVER with at least 25 logged dives. Each will be required to sign a release and will need to produce a C-card and log book as proof of experience.

You can do this class in singles or double tanks. Please consult with us regarding equipment needs for this class.

Course Fee $350.00

PM or E-mail me to register.